Why Randall did not stay in the Lakers left the Lakers to where?

I believe those who watch the news regularly know that Randle came to the Lakers in 2014. At that time, Los Angeles was the dream of many stars, they all want to stay in Los Angeles all the time. But Randall is different, he likes to be free and unrestrained.

In 2018 the Lakers came to a player named James, and it is well known that this star is great. Because of the existence of James, so the Lakers have higher and stricter requirements for Randall, this time Randall has been very uncomfortable, before he came to the Lakers as soon as he said, he just need to be free not to be tied up, now came a James, he does not want to play with James piece, the heart pressure. And in the meantime the Lakers are asking for Randall one right after the other. Randall then offered to quit the Lakers, at that time, how unbelievable, because into the Lakers and can stay in the Lakers star is very rare, people feel that such a good opportunity Randall but do not cherish. But Randall does not think so, he believes in his own pursuit of self, and so Randall left the Lakers.

See here I believe we all want to know where Randall went after leaving it, left the Lakers Randall came to the Pelicans, but not for long, just playing a season, the average score per game is 21.4 points, of which the rebounds are 8.7 points, assists are 3.1 points. Randall felt that this was not the effect he wanted and switched to the Knicks, this switch ushered in the peak of his life, why say so, because in the Knicks he met his own bole – Payne. Randle said in an interview: “He pushed me to the limit, let me go beyond what I thought was the limit, let me be myself, my biggest goal is to be great and not let him down”.

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In this latest season, Randle broke his own record with 23.2 points per game, including 11.0 rebounds and 5.5 assists. I don’t know if you guys really know Randle, but I think he totally deserves to be an All-Star,” said Payne, Randle’s “booster. It’s not easy to really achieve that goal, you have to work hard every day, blend your character and intelligence, put your heart and soul into your work, and think every day about the successes you’ve had and what you can do to make your team stronger in the future”.