Can we see Paul in a Lakers jersey in our lifetime? ( I )

It’s another day without a game, so let’s talk about Chris Paul.

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Chris Paul

Back to business, some experts suggest that if Paul falters in this year’s NBA Finals, he could decline his final year $44 million player option and join LeBron James’ Lakers.

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Paul’s career has to be described with the word legend – 11-time All-Star and surely a Hall of Fame in his future. In terms of individual accolades, he has accomplished almost everything but a championship ring to wear.

Having played for the Hornets, Clippers, Rockets, Thunder and now the Suns, it’s safe to say Paul has yet to join a super team. That might explain why he didn’t make it to the NBA Finals until this year.

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If you can’t get a championship this year, then there’s really not much time left for 36-year-old Paul, and he’ll have to join a super team, and the Los Angeles Lakers are a better choice.

This year’s playoffs, the Lakers were eliminated in the first round by the Phoenix Sun led by Paul, but we look at the following chart, we can find the original Sun in the playoffs the most difficult to play is the Lakers, if there are no injuries, the Sun may not win.

The Lakers are what strength, Paul has seen.

Although the Sun took a 2-0 lead at the start of the series, the Bucks came back with three straight games thanks to the extraordinary play of the “Big Three”, and now the Sun is trailing the Bucks 2-3 and is very passive.

Paul and his Suns must win the next two games to achieve their goal. If they don’t, Paul’s first trip to the Finals will end in failure. As he gets older, there is no telling when Paul will make it to the Finals again. So, the time has come when he must join forces with James and Davis!

As a close friend of Paul’s, James was there for the Finals G5 game and knows better than anyone the value of winning multiple NBA championships with a superstar.

Chris Paul: has worn the jersey of 5 teams, winning percentage guaranteed! Controversial career just short of a championship

Like Kobe’s famous quote: Love me or hate me, it’s one or the other. There is no shortage of controversial players in the NBA, and Chris Paul is one of those players that people love and hate.

On the one hand, Paul was rated as high basketball IQ, high ball IQ, mid-range accuracy, on the other hand, Paul was criticized for more small actions, playing wave cunning. But recently the U.S. media statistics in recent years Paul joined the team before and after the win rate, found interesting figures.

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From the Hornets to the Sun, Paul has worn five jerseys, five teams have each improved their win rate, such as the Hornets from 22% to 46.3%, the original 39% win rate of the Clippers to 60.8%, the Rockets from the original has been as high as 67.1% win rate to 79.3%, more refreshing team records. Period after the Thunder also from 59.8% to 61.1%, to the current Suns, also from 46.6% to 72%

From the data to see Paul go to that team, the team’s win rate have significantly improved, coupled with its role of point guard, visible in the team’s greatest chemistry is to control the court, organization and make teammates. Even though he is 35 years old, he does not have the same physical quality as LeBron James, but he can still help his team win with his high ball IQ, so it is no wonder that even James gave Paul the appraisal of “God of point guards”.

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Paul drafted 16 seasons, career average 18.4 points, 9.4 assists, 4.5 rebounds per game, but than playing physical ball, Paul prefers from see the situation, strategy, and then create opportunities, tight defense and blocking, focus on details to make his team even if less physical than the opponent, there are ways to achieve victory.

Whether it is the use of tactics, wandering in the gray area between foul and no foul, or timely instigation of the referees to enforce the law, are considered Paul’s high ball IQ performance, so that opponents relative headache. On the contrary, having a small smart also as powerless as Paul is that although the win rate is high, but temporarily missing a proof, because the proverbial foot is just a little bit short of the championship, stopping Jiji in the championship road.

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Chris. Paul: the benchmark for point guards forever

Chris. Paul

Height: 183

Weight: 79kg

Jersey number: No. 3

NBA Draft: Selected by the New Orleans Hornets in the fourth round of the 2005 NBA Draft

Major awards: 2006 NBA Rookie of the Year

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Chris. Paul’s early years.

Born in Louisville, North Carolina, Chris Paul inherited his mother’s athletic genes. His maternal grandfather became a local legend when he opened a gas station not far from Paul’s home and became the first black man to own a gas station in North Carolina at the time. To Paul, his grandfather was his best friend.

When Paul was three years old, his father bought him two basketballs and built him a basketball court in the basement, where he has often seen young Paul walk into with the ball.

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Chris. Paul’s high school years

Paul didn’t show basketball talent as a senior when his brother was the varsity ace, but by the next year, when his brother joined Hampton University, Paul surged to become the varsity starter. Under his leadership, the school went 26-4 and reached the state tournament semifinals while he averaged 25 points, 5.3 assists and 4.4 steals per game. But shortly after that, the 61-year-old grandfather was robbed by a group of young men and was tragically killed. The news spread and nearly 2,000 people attended the funeral of their grandfather. Paul, in turn, decided to dedicate his next game against Parkland High School to his grandfather. In that game, he scored 32 points in the first half and had scored 59 points in the first three minutes of the final period. He was seen cutting to the basket with the ball and putting the ball in the rim while being fouled. He then missed an intentional free throw and the score was set at 61 points, exactly the age his maternal grandfather was when he died. Paul then left the court and threw himself into his father’s arms and let out a loud cry.

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Chris. Paul’s College Years

Paul joined Wake Forest for the 2003-2004 season, where he averaged 14.8 points and 5.9 assists per game in his first year, led the team in assists, steals, 3-point field goal percentage, free throw attempts and shots, and free throw percentage, was named ACC Rookie of the Year, was named to the ACC Defensive Team of the Year, and was voted by several media outlets as the best first-year player in the nation.

Paul’s strength was also recognized, and all media outlets were unanimous that he would be guaranteed a high draft pick if he ran. As a result, Paul also said goodbye to the NCAA and decided to enter the 2005 NBA draft. When Andrew Bogut Bogut, Marvin Williams Williams, Deron. After the Bucks, Hawks and Jazz selected them, the Hornets took Paul with the fourth pick.

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Chris Paul’s career Paul’s career

Paul became the absolute core of the Hornets in the 2005-2011 season, averaging 19+5+10+2 for six years, five times All-Star, three times Best XI, three times Best Defensive XI, three times Steals King, two times Assist King, and won the NBA Rookie of the Year and was selected to the Best Rookie First Team. Paul’s outstanding performance also once made him ranked second behind Kobe in the 2008 MVP voting.

In 2011, the Clippers traded with the Hornets to get Paul in his prime. Paul, Griffin, and Jordan Jr. formed the City of Airs and became the favorites to win the title at that time. During his six seasons with the Clippers, the city of the Air Force killed in the regular season, repeatedly playing well but failing to make it past the second round in the playoffs. Paul also spent the most peak time in the Clippers. Five-time All-Star, three-time steals leader, two-time assists leader, and All-Star MVP in 2013.

The Clippers traded with the Rockets in 2017 to get Paul in a 7-for-1 deal, a deal that also caused a lot of controversy at the time. Although the 33-year-old Paul has passed the peak but did not let people down, and Harden powerful backcourt combination to make them break into the Western Conference finals, with Paul’s injury rocket did not go to the end and the Warriors battle seven games finally lost. The second round of the Warriors did not show a strong desire to survive 2-4 against the Warriors, which also became the last time Paul and Harden joined forces, irreconcilable contradictions also for the rocket trade Paul made the pavement.

In 2019 the Rockets and Thunder traded, Westbrook and Paul swapped proprietors. Paul returned to the All-Star after two seasons, with great efficiency to bring the Thunder, who wanted to swing, into the playoffs, while a group of young Thunder players also made considerable progress under Paul’s leadership. The story of Paul, continues.

Paul ushered in the only opportunity to retire his jersey and leave a root to his career

The biggest regret for Chris Paul’s current career is that so far it is not which team is famous, although currently has experienced five teams including the current Sun, but in the first four teams resume are not enough to put Paul in the team’s history, after all, the breakthrough to the team is too small, there is a Hornets team with the current Hornets but not much to do with.

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It is said that Paul is the top point guard in the league, but the strength is no longer good after a team will write him into history, then such a history of the best really does not make sense, sooner or later is to be forgotten, with Paul’s current achievements in several teams, there will not be a team for him to hold a jersey retirement ceremony, although this does not mean a very high honor for the player, but this can show that they have roots in this league

From the current event to see, Paul’s NBA jersey retirement or the opportunity, the opportunity is in the Sun, the current Sun has entered the Western Conference semifinals, the first round is eliminated to win the popular Lakers, the situation is also considered a good, plus the next round to face the Nuggets, despite the season’s MVP Jokic sitting, but Murray’s injury gave the Sun more opportunities, if the champion Paul for this team’s significance is naturally different

If the sun can win the championship, it is the team’s first championship, by virtue of the significance of this first championship, even if Paul leaves the sun next season, there is a high probability that the sun will be retired jersey, and this should also be the only opportunity for Paul’s career, if after the second line of retirement, and there are no years of career, then Paul even win the championship was retired jersey possibility is not high.

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Sun this season there is indeed a chance, from the beginning no one is optimistic about the sun, to Booker into the playoffs played a very high level, which allows the sun to see hope, on the current western team, the sun is not afraid of any team, on the west any opponent to win the game may be, to say the finals on the most afraid to meet who, it is estimated that only the Bucks, the sun only play the Bucks will not have much.

Some people say that this season’s Sun got the script of the year when the Mavericks won the championship, especially the East is also the first season to form the Big Three, if it goes according to this script, then Paul’s roots in this league belong to the Sun.