What jersey number is Russell Westbrook wearing?

Russell Westbrook wears jersey number 0. Because the NBA players who wear jersey number 0 are some players with great personality. And the players who can wear the No. 0 jersey are very powerful superstars. For example, Lillard, Cousins and so on are invariably first-class masters. Will less than 2008 through the draft into the NBA, with Durant, Harden, Ibaka formed enough to make the whole league tremble “Thunder four”. And with excellent play in 2012 to kill the NBA finals, when the Thunder four are still too young, both technical aspects or age mentality are not mature enough. So against the veteran and long-established “Heat three” is still a big gap. So there is no doubt that the score is still hanging.

#0 Russell Westbrook Icon Edition Thunder Jersey

At that time, Russell Westbrook was very frustrated, because it was still very difficult for the young and vigorous Russell Westbrook, his inner revenge anger is also brewing for a long time, but the team’s management in order to save 4 million yuan of luxury tax but traded away the then one of the core giants of Harden. Later the Thunder also entered the Western Conference finals but the distance from the championship and the finals is getting farther and farther away.

#0 Russell Westbrook Thunder 2021-22 Association Jersey

It was later reversed against Curry’s Warriors. What followed is familiar to everyone, as the Thunder’s big man Durant defected to join the Warriors. This also stirred up the strongest Russell Westbrook, who in the following days won his own scoring king and regular season MVP and had four seasons averaging a triple-double, finally succeeding in surpassing the historical triple-double king Big O Robertson, becoming the new triple-double king.

Russell Westbrook later also flourished, as age and explosive power decline, Russell Westbrook began to wander in the Rockets, Wizards incessantly. The once regular season MVP fell to the league’s outcasts and vagabonds. Until this season joined the Lakers, teaming up with James, Brow and others to form a reigning league “Lakers Big Three”. Although Russell Westbrook in the Lakers play and adapt badly, slow to find their appropriate position and role.

After losing two games in a row in the opening, Russell Westbrook is getting better and better, in today’s game where James is absent cut 33 + 10 + 8 quasi-triple-double data dream back to the peak, I hope to re-clothe the Lakers 0 jersey Russell Westbrook can play better and better, early to assist James to get the coveted championship it.

The meaning of Stephen Curry jersey number 30

As one of the most popular basketball players in the world today, Stephen Curry, with his ghostly passing, nimble fakes, and that completely unreasonable three points, conquered countless fans who originally questioned him, but also him, so that people began to believe that the guard for the core is a possibility. And really began the era of small ball (Nash then opened the 6-second offense, but did not carry forward) each star’s jersey number has an origin, such as many jerseys jersey is 23 represents the idol Jordan, also represents the basketball, and Kobe 24 represents the effort 24 hours, also represents beyond Jordan, Maddie 1 is witnessed from training camp 123 to become the best player, then Steph Curry jersey number 30 is for what?

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors the City Jersey

Curry why wear No. 30 it? In fact, careful fans are not difficult to find, brother Saban Curry is also wearing No. 30, their father Dale Curry is also wearing No. 30, father and son three people are wearing No. 30 jersey, probably because of the family heritage it, hope it 30 to carry forward, and Dale Curry’s total score (9839 points and three-pointers hit (929), now has been surpassed by Curry, Curry is also to the greatest three-point shooter in history Approaching the one who now holds the record for the number of three-pointers made is the great shooter – Ray Allen.

Interesting things happened recently about Curry’s jersey

February 19, 2019, when in the Sherlock Arena, Curry and the alphabet song and others in passing the player tunnel, a fan who likes Curry, threw a jersey to Curry, hoping that he could give its signature, but at that time Curry did not bring a signature pen, so he took the jersey and wiped it haphazardly on his body, leaving his sweat all over it.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Icon Edition Jersey

After the fan got the jersey, he waved it excitedly and could see that he was very satisfied with getting this original jersey. I believe this unique and special jersey should be more memorable than the ordinary signed jersey.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Association Edition Jersey

In the Wild, more and more young people have chosen No. 30 as their jersey number, their faith, their totem, why? Because they believe in the skinny baby-faced shooter, in the No. 30 who killed his way through the muscle forest of the NBA, in his will and desire to be like him.

Curry not only defined the three-point shot and showed the world that it could actually be shot that way, but he led the Warriors to three titles in four

Three crowns in 4 years, 2 consecutive years to win the championship, this season if you can defend the title, this Warriors can be like the year of the Bulls, the year of OK general to establish their own dynasty, Stephen Curry jersey number 30 is creating one myth after another!

Are Steph and Lebron from the same hometown?

Before saying that Curry is a fan of James, not only because Curry grew up watching James play, but also in his own bed hanging James’ signature jersey to motivate himself to play hard and become a player who can match or even surpass his idol. Even now Curry has become the darling of the small ball era, but because of physical talent did not grow to become a player that allows us to cheer for each of his dunks and scream for each of his three-pointers, although today’s Curry is very powerful, the strength of the Warriors is also undoubtedly, but Curry is still one of the superstars and phenomenal superstars with many flaws.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey

As a certain degree of hometown, Curry and King James are both from Akron, Cleveland, although Curry was just born here or even in the same hospital as James, but Curry was just born in Akron. As the core player of today’s Warriors, Curry’s growth is tough, after all, as a player, thin body is indeed one of the important factors affecting their play in the interior, but for Curry himself, it is also because of the thin body to achieve their own today. The reason why Curry and James is the hometown, it is because once the old Curry had played for the Cavaliers for a season and in this season of playing for the Cavaliers old Curry here ushered in the birth of his first child, that is now Stephen Curry, because born in Akron, Curry was mistaken by many people Akron people, is the hometown of James, indeed, for this point have to say The two are really the same hometown, but also just du born in Akron, were born in a hospital only, and no substantial hometown relationship.

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Many NBA stars are slum players, and James, as one of the current superstars, used to be one of the people living in the poor areas of Akron, and although he got out of poverty after becoming famous, James still insists on using his public welfare behavior to bring Akron’s children relatively adequate educational resources, not only by setting up an exclusive educational school, but also by serving as an assistant principal during his playing days for the Cavaliers. The Lakers have been able to provide the children of Akron with more knowledge to change their destiny. After the Lakers missed the playoffs this season, he and the Lakers’ famous Kobe together carried out public welfare activities for Akron, bringing enough gospel for Akron’s poor children and helping them grow up healthily.

Once a hometown, but only a year of hometown time strike, Curry is not an Akron native. Although born in Akron, Curry did not grow up in Akron, because the old Curry only played for the Cavaliers for one season, so it directly led to Curry although born in Akron, but with the old Curry moved to Charlotte and settled in the Hornets, both Curry’s junior high school and high school were completed in Charlotte, so in Curry’s mind he is a Charlottean and not an Akronite. Even if Curry admits that he is an Akronite, I believe that Curry is only saying that he was born here and came to this world here. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the same place for a long time.

Charlotte saw growth, Curry is a Charlotte native, jersey retired at Charlotte High School. As the old Curry left the city of Cleveland to join Charlotte after one season with the Cavaliers in 1987-1988, the Curry family also moved to Charlotte with the old Curry, and Curry started his life in Charlotte, both in childhood and in adulthood Curry grew up in Charlotte and also played for Charlotte High School, and now Curry’s high school jersey has been The jerseys of Curry’s high school days have been retired in Charlotte High School, so Curry is a complete Charlottean and not an Akronite, as mentioned above, just born in the city of Akron, but does not define Curry as an Akronite.

So, for Curry’s identity, do you think he is an Akron man or do you think Curry is a Charlotte man? After all, from the aspect of birth Curry was indeed born in Akron, and also and old James was born in the same hospital, while from the aspect of life growing up Curry’s growth is spent in Charlotte and Curry himself would prefer to call himself a Charlottean.

Are all the people named Curry “Sagittarius”?

After eliminating the Nuggets in the Western Conference semifinals on May 13, 2019, after a robotic battle, Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry received a text message from his brother, the Warriors’ Stephen Curry, that read simply: “I’ll see you in the Western Conference.” The Curry brothers, who will meet each other in the Western Conference Finals, may have reminded them of playing together as kids in their family’s backyard.

Stephen is two and a half years older than Seth, and once Stephen was able to walk on his own as a child, he developed a passion for basketball. His father, Dale Curry, prepared a mini-basket for Stephen early on to expose the little guy to the sport. To Dale’s equal delight, Seth also had an extraordinary interest in basketball, so Seth later joined Stephen’s backyard basketball practice. As you can imagine, the two brothers had to go one-on-one in one-on-one. “It was a particularly intense scene, with two little kids both going for the win.” Dale once recalled the scene. “He would sometimes say I fouled out, but it wasn’t really like that.” Stephen laughs as he recalls his childhood days with Seth at the time.

Both Steph and Seth are especially competitive, which may have something to do with their mother’s teachings. “I tell them from time to time that if they walk on the court then they have to go all out to win.” Sonja Curry said this about the two brothers.

Steph and Seth both love basketball very much, but they didn’t take the same path. Steph was drafted in the first round of the 2009 draft and with the Warriors he grew into a superstar in the league. Curry’s jersey was the number one in the league for three years in a row. Seth, on the other hand, entered the draft in 2013, but he fell short. Later, Seth has been working hard to get into the NBA, and when he realized his dream, he experienced serious injuries. Seth changed four teams over the years, and last season he experienced a stress fracture in his leg. This season Seth was the main replacement for Lillard.

For Seth, he often “lives” in Stephen’s shadow. It started when he was in college. Seth still remembers in 2008 when he was at a road game and the visiting fans yelled at him, “You’ll never be Steph.” And Seth responded to that by hitting four consecutive 3-pointers. “It was like he was saying, yes, I’ll never be Steph, but I am who I am.” Brown, the coach who once coached Steph and Seth, had this to say about Seth’s stretch of experience.

And Steph feels the same way about what Seth has endured. “He’s had a very interesting experience. He’s been through a lot, changing teams, injuries, etc., but he’s always been super confident and he’s worked really hard. That explains why he didn’t play all season due to injury, but the Blazers still signed him to a contract.” Steph said, “No matter what the outside world says, he’s always remained super confident. God has blessed him to be himself as he always has been and stay true to himself. It’s clear he belongs in this league and can do exciting things.”

Curry  Brothers NBA Jerseys

“I’ve gotten a lot of requests for interviews over the years to say things about Stephen. But really, I have a son who is also in this league, and I’m very liberal about that, and everything Seth is getting right now is what he deserves.” Dale said.

Now, Steph and Seth will face off in the Western Conference Finals. Seth said about it, “It’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of fun to play. I’m very excited, but I think we’re going to win.” Stephen said, “Of course we’re going to beat them.”

And Dale and Sonja, who will be there to watch the game, have decided they will flip a coin before the game to decide who wears which son’s jersey. “Both of them, brothers, whoever ends up winning, will be in the finals.”


NBA jersey number representative of the number 30

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey

Stephen Curry: twice NBA regular season MVP, 2-time NBA champion. Good at dribbling and stopping jumper, shooting can cover the whole half-court. Excellent ball handling, can find shots in one-on-one through ball handling, and a lot of threes come from dry runs. Due to his thin body, Curry does not easily get into the box and lacks aggressiveness in his playing style. Curry is not really a traditional point guard, but he shoots intimidation is too great, it is easy to attract opponents defensive pinch, Curry create teammates scoring opportunities ability is very strong. But Curry is also prone to turnovers, sometimes risking passes.

#30 Rasheed Wallace Pistons Jersey

Rasheed Wallace: NBA champion, four-time All-Star but not once in the best lineup, one championship experience faded into oblivion, Wallace’s career is not exactly glorious, but he still proved himself to be a great player, still impressed in the league in more than a decade of career in both offensive and defensive end. Wallace is remembered for more than just his bad temper, his ball skills, his fighting spirit, his desire to win and his love for basketball are the real reasons why he was able to infect so many fans.

#30 Bernard King Knicks Jersey

Bernard King: 1985 NBA scoring champion, inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013. selected by the New York Nets (now Brooklyn Nets) in the 1st round, 7th overall, in the 1977 NBA Draft. scored 19,655 points in his NAB career, averaging 22.5 points. Bernard King was one of the most explosive scoring players of the 80s. His aggressive, aggressive spirit of not giving up even when his knee ligaments were torn eventually made King a success.

eorge McGinnis: 2-time ABA champion, 1973 ABA playoff MVP, 1975 ABA regular season MVP . jersey #30 was retired by the Pacers. Tall and strong is really the best word to describe George McGinnis’ physique. He was an absolute mammoth at the power forward position, and McGinnis was a beast on the court, destroying and ravaging opponents, especially in the offensive rebounding department. After seven consecutive seasons of averaging 20 or more points per game, he was able to slash 29.8 points per game in 1975, reaching the pinnacle of his own career when he became the scoring champion that year.

#30 Carlos Arroyo Magic Jersey

Carlos Arroyo: Arroyo’s ball fake is one of his specialties. Head, shoulders, arms at the same time, the action is very realistic, defenders are often fooled. The most famous one is probably the one done to the dream six team in the Athens Olympics. At that time, he fast break layup, small Si in front of him, he a backward pass fake motion to shake small Si to the ground, and then easy layup. This move not only shows his body coordination, but also his flashy side of the ball!

#30 Cliff. Robinson Nets Jersey

Cliff. Robinson: equally good inside and outside in his youth, now relying more on outside shooting. With a height of 6’10 to shoot around the three-point money, let the opponent defense is very embarrassing, nearly 35% of the three-point shooting is not bad (after all, it is C-PF). As an inside player back to the basket ability is not strong enough, two times into the second best defensive lineup, excellent defensive awareness, on the floor forever trying to fight. A legendary iron tree, top-notch runner and jumper in his youth, famous injury evictee.

Curry brought the Warriors to the retirement ceremony of the high school jersey of rising star James Wiseman

Stephen Curry brings the entire Warriors team to the high school jersey retirement ceremony for the team’s rising star James Wiseman on January 12, 2022.

The Warriors traveled to Memphis to challenge the Grizzlies on the road, and Warriors standout Wiseman returned to his high school alma mater, where the team performed a high school jersey retirement ceremony for him.

The whole team of Warriors also gave face to Wiseman when they came to Wiseman’s place. Curry brought the whole team of Warriors to the retirement ceremony site to support Wiseman.

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Why is Curry’s jersey number 30?

There are many popular basketball stars, of which Curry is one of them, he is known and liked by many people, there are many stars, each star has its own exclusive jersey, Curry’s jersey number is 30, so this is why? And how powerful is Curry in the end? Let’s talk about it next.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey

Why is Curry’s jersey number 30?

Because Curry’s dad, Dell Curry, wears jersey number 30, and his younger brother, Saban Curry, also wears number 30, Curry just wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, it’s a family number, Curry respects his father and wears jersey number 30 from the time he was at Davis College.

#30 Stephen Curry Black Jersey

There are also more and more people who like Curry and will choose the same jersey as Curry when choosing a jersey, hoping to become awesome basketball players like Curry.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Icon Edition Jersey

How good is Curry?

Curry not only defined the 3-point shot and showed the world that it could actually be shot that way, but he led the Warriors to three titles in four years and two consecutive championships.

In the NBA, 80% of all 3-pointers are assisted by teammates, but for Curry, that percentage is only 62%. In other words, Curry’s 3-point shooting is better than any other player in the league.


Why did Curry choose to wear the number 30 jersey?

The Warriors have emerged strongly in recent years, leaping from a Western Conference team to the league’s favorite to win the championship. So far, the Warriors have reached four finals and won three championships.

The reason why the Warriors have achieved so much is inextricably linked to the arrival of one man.

The time goes back to the 09 draft, when the Warriors head coach is still the old Nelson, the old Nelson with the Warriors in the hands of the No. 7 pick to cut off the Knicks, successfully selected then by everyone is not optimistic about the player from Davidson College – Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry Jersey

The choice at that time in now seems that the old Nelson is really made an incomparable choice, and for the loss of Curry’s Knicks and even the league as a whole, many teams hope to turn back the clock to the 09 draft.

However, since Scott announced that the Warriors selected Curry seventh overall in ’09, everything has become a foregone conclusion.

Nowadays, many people may be wondering why Curry would choose to wear the jersey number 30 in the first place?

In fact, at the time after the draft meeting, Curry gave his answer in the conference. It was all because of his father, Dell Curry. Because Curry’s father, Dell Curry, has always played in the NBA in his career wearing the number 30 jersey. And Curry wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Today, it seems that Curry has not only done it, but has successfully surpassed his father.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey

Many fans think the Warriors are very lucky that they intercepted Curry, so that the Warriors have the cornerstone of the establishment of the dynasty, indeed, in that league at the time, the team did not pay much attention to the three-point shot this technology, the league at the time or Howard as the representative of a large number of centers ruled the league, Curry’s style of play in their view is very unreliable, but the Warriors are still firm in their vision, although the Warriors did not go to the Warriors before the draft, but then the Warriors head coach old Nelson is very high hopes for Curry a few years later in the league. The Warriors have not gone to the Warriors for a tryout before the draft, but the then Warriors head coach Nelson Sr. had high hopes for Curry, and he seemed to have seen Curry reigning in the league a few years later.

There is no doubt that the Warriors who took a huge risk to cut Curry off are a big gamble from now on, but fortunately the Warriors gambled right, and the old Nelson and then Larry Riley became the saviors of the Warriors to help the Warriors set the tone of the dynasty.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Association Edition Jersey

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. He has become the core of the Warriors team and the symbol of the team.

The Warriors are lucky and wise to have Klay Thompson and Draymond Green after Curry, two All-Star level players that the Warriors have also developed through the draft. After that, the Warriors successfully signed the all-time leading scorer Kevin Durant in free agency and got the league’s “No. 1 center” DeMarcus Cousins for $5.5 million a year, forming the NBA’s The most luxurious starting lineup of the Big Five in the history of the NBA.

Perhaps the Warriors have been destined for greatness since many years, and as time goes by, the years are relentless, and we still have to listen to the story of what the Warriors will experience, but let’s enjoy the days when the Warriors had Curry now!

Stephen Curry: the more underestimated, the more great you want to achieve!

Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry II), born March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio, was born in the same hospital as LeBron James, but spent most of his childhood in Charlotte.

Hornets Jersey

Mom Sonya Curry, a former University of Virginia volleyball star, and Curry’s dad are college alumni who met and fell in love when they were students and later started a family.

Curry actually met everyone on TV when he was 9 years old when he and his dad did a Burger King commercial.

Since his father played for the Raptors in the 1999-2000 season, Curry, then only 11, followed him and moved from Charlotte to Toronto, Canada. 2001 saw Curry, then 13, start playing for the 8th grade varsity team at Queenslander Christian Academy when his younger brother Seth Curry was in 6th grade, so it’s safe to say this was the first team to have a true Splash Brother. The team, which used to have a winning percentage of less than 50%, hasn’t lost a single game since. What’s even scarier is Curry’s stats, as he blasted 40 points per game that season.

Curry attended Charlotte Christian Academy in high school and started out as a member of the second team basketball squad, but was promoted to the first team for outstanding performance, and then he played for the school as a captain.

Unlike today, when he wears the number 30 jersey, Curry wore the number 20 jersey in high school. And the No. 20 jersey was also the first jersey to be retired at Charlotte Christian High School. Curry said that in high school, he had hoped to wear the No. 30 jersey, but because the size of the No. 30 jersey is too large, had to choose the No. 20 jersey.

Like the coach said, most schools didn’t think Curry could handle the rivalry of college basketball and skipped right over him, including Duke, where he wanted to go so badly, and Virginia Tech, where his father had played, when Virginia wouldn’t give him a scholarship but would only offer him a position as a temporary player.

Curry eventually chose his hometown, Davidson College, which is where he began to be known by American fans. Davis College is a small college just 20 minutes from Curry’s home, with only 1,600 students on campus.

In his sophomore season, Curry once again led the Southern Conference in scoring, averaging 25.5 points per game, a mark that ranked fifth in Division I scoring, while he also averaged 4.7 rebounds per game to go along with 2.8 assists.

Due to an unsatisfactory schedule Davidson College started the season with 4-6 losses, but then went on a 25-game winning streak, including a 19-0 record against Southern Conference teams, which made them the No. 7 seed in the NCAA nation and the Wildcats set the best record in college history.

He also lost by just two points against Kansas in the Elite 8. Curry hit his 159th 3-pointer of the season, setting an NCAA single-season record for 3-pointers, and he became the fourth player ever to score 30 points in each of the first four games of an NCAA elimination game. Despite this outstanding performance, he announced that he would not enter the NBA draft and continue to play his junior season.

With excellent personal performance, he announced his participation in the 2009 NBA draft, when the authoritative draft site had said, “Curry’s body even in the point guard is very thin, he is at a great disadvantage on the defensive end, he is not a point guard that NBA teams can rely on to break down the defense in the block are very difficult, but also often make stupid mistakes. ”

Curry’s nicknames are many, Moe God, baby face killer, Ku Ritian, schoolboy, chef curry chef curry, and so on, he himself said his favorite nickname is baby face killer. About his baby face, a lot of interesting things have happened. Once he and his wife went to a pizza store to buy beer, the salesman actually asked Curry to show his ID. Because the U.S. law states that people under 21 years old are not allowed to buy alcohol or drink.

Curry and his wife, Ayesha, met at a youth church event attended by both parents when Curry was 15 and Ayesha was 14. But it wasn’t until after Curry played at Davidson that he worked up the courage to send his first message to Ayesha, who is also an alumna, on Facebook, after which the relationship grew rapidly and was eventually established.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey

In addition to being the best basketball player in the world, Curry is also a good golfer. Curry played golf all through high school, and he played on the varsity golf team at Charlotte Christian School for three years. After the Warriors won the championship, Curry was also invited to play golf with President Barack Obama.

Curry does not look fierce and strong, even a little thin, and ordinary people are no different. Even his best shot we ordinary people can master, so some people think Curry is not considered a superstar, just now the environment suits him.

But that’s actually underestimating his talent and effort. Shouldn’t it be more proof of his greatness that he played so well and developed his shooting to a new level, despite his lack of physical fitness, that the average person feels he can change the game by practicing his dribbling and shooting?

Stephen Curry’s personal introduction

Stephen Curry, born March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio, USA, is an American professional basketball player who plays point guard for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. Here’s a look at the NBA superstar’s profile and basketball career!

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Jersey

Stephen Curry, born March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio, USA, is an American professional basketball player who plays point guard for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. He was selected as a first-team All-Rookie in his rookie season, won the NBA championship with the Warriors in 2014-15, was twice selected as the regular season MVP, twice selected as a first-team All-Rookie, and three times selected as a first-team All-Star in the Western Conference.

#30 Stephen Curry Warriors Association Edition Jersey

2010 won the World Championship in Turkey with Team USA, and 2014 won the Basketball World Cup in Spain with Team USA.