King James final G1 jersey shot 100,000 U.S. dollars

The NBA has officially auctioned the jersey worn by superstar LeBron James in the first game of this year’s finals. In the end, this highly collectible LeBron jersey was shot for a sky-high price of $100,322.

From the published data, this NBA jersey was bid a total of 68 times, and the final price exceeded $100,000, which shows the high popularity of LeBron. It’s worth mentioning that the Cavaliers also had a player whose Finals G1 jersey also fetched a high price. JR’s G1 jersey also shot a price of $23,548, although far less than LeBron’s, but for ordinary players this is called the price of heaven.

#23 LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey

Although the same shot out of the sky, but the significance is completely different. LeBron’s G1 jersey shot a high price because he played a historic game in G1. In Finals G1, LeBron played 47 minutes and cut down 51 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. This is LeBron’s 8th career 40+ points, while he is also the first player in 25 years to get 50+ points in the NBA Finals. And JR’s jersey shot a high price because he made a fatal mistake in the last moment of regular time in G1, burying a good opportunity for the Cavaliers to win the game.

Currently, the jerseys worn by the Cavaliers players in G2 of the finals are also in the auction. So far, the most popular is still LeBron’s jersey, the bid has exceeded $40,000.

In contrast, fans are not very interested in the rest of the Cavaliers’ G2 jerseys. The data shows that the second place in the bidding is Kevin Love’s jersey, the current bid is only 1020 U.S. dollars, far inferior to LeBron’s jersey. JR’s G1 jersey shot 20,000 U.S. dollars, but his G2 jersey is currently only given a price of 390 U.S. dollars.

As the first person in the league today, LeBron has always been highly sought after. As early as 2015, LeBron’s jersey worn in G1 and G2 of the finals was auctioned for $85,925.

NBA No. 0 and No. 00 jerseys

NBA jersey number selection, and FIBA is different, FIBA only allows players to choose 4 to 15 for their jersey number, it is said that the policy is now liberalized, but most players will still choose 4 to 15 of the number when playing for their country. In the NBA, there are no restrictions on the choice of numbers. Players can choose any number from 0 to 99 as their jersey number, 00 jerseys can also be chosen, but the meaning is different from #0 jerseys.

#00 Celtics Jersey

#0 and #00 jerseys are not the same, they represent different meanings. 0 is the number 0, while 00 represents 100, the league jersey number are two digits, so there is a situation. 0 jersey active players are the Thunder’s Willow and the Knights’ Love, etc.; there are also many players who use 00 jerseys, for example, in the last season there are the Knicks’ Kanter, the 76ers’ Jacob Pullen, the The Magic’s Aaron Gordon, the Nuggets’ Dare Atul, the Kings’ Cauley Stein and other players use the number.

#0 &#00 Blazers Jersey

Robert Parrish of Green Army fame, who wears jersey number 00, revealed in an interview that #00 is a number of consummation, and in his opinion, 00 is equivalent to 100. Since the Chief’s words, the symbolism of the #00 jersey has been obvious, representing the number 100 NBA jerseys. Green Army Hall of Fame Chief Parrish is not the first player to play in the #00 jersey is not known, but he is definitely the most accomplished player among the #00 jerseys.

Arias, nicknamed the General, was once the Wizards’ starter, a three-time All-Star and one-time MIP. active players are also very much number 0 jerseys, just transferred to the Rockets’ Willow is number 0 jerseys, and Lillard, who signed a super long-term contract with the Trail Blazers, is also number 0 jerseys. Once the league’s first center Cousins in the Pelicans, the Warriors are also wearing No. 0 jerseys. The Cavaliers’ all-star power forward, Love, is also wearing jersey number 0 and so on.

#0 Cavaliers Jersey

For NBA players, the number is a very important symbol, Dwayne Wade said: “I have personally heard many players say that because a team’s ideal number has been occupied or retired, they refused to join the team.” So, no one would have nothing to do with changing their number, and many number changes have significant meaning behind them.