Lakers make Russell the core of championship contention

From the beginning of last season along with Willow’s bad play, there are many media and fans asked the Lakers to trade him away, but naive his turnovers and shooting at that time is too bad, so there is no other team willing to take over, so the question to has not been solved until now, but now things have changed significantly, when the Lakers boss hired Zen Master Jackson as a personal adviser, Willow has been the team as the core of the championship.

 Because Zen Master Jackson is very optimistic about Russell’s ability, and in his opinion Russell’s fighting spirit and his high attendance rate is a guarantee of winning the championship, he also advocates that the Lakers trade James and Brow for quality chips and then set up the Big Three to continue to impact the championship, the current Lakers hired head coach’s first topic is to let them make the answer to how to properly use Russell.

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And now Jenny Bass also agreed to the old lover Zen Master Jackson to Russell as the core of the championship strategy, but on do not know what kind of attitude he holds for trading James, but since the promise to Russell as the core of the championship, then James may really become a trading chip, and Sam Amick is said to trade James’s program is probably a star player + first-round picks.

In fact, when Zen Master Jackson became the team’s advisor a week ago, James’ team joined forces with general manager Pelinka to strongly oppose the “uninvited guest”, they are tired of the “uninvited guest”, because Zen Master Jackson’s involvement will certainly weaken their own voice in the team, so do you think the Lakers will produce some amazing deals this summer?

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Russell contract extension revealed! James once again showed attitude

The Lakers will ask interviewees how they would use Willis when interviewing coaches, according to celebrity reporter Sam Amick. The Lakers fired championship head coach Vogel at the end of the regular season, and the position is currently vacant. The Lakers interviewed several candidates for the head coach position, including Curry mentor Mark Jackson, former Blazers head coach Stotts and others. The source revealed that the candidates involved in the Lakers head c

This season, the Lakers only ranked 11th in the West without a playoff. There are many reasons for the Lakers’ failure, of which Willow is again considered to be the biggest reason. Willow averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists, shooting 44.5% from the field, 29.8% from three and 66.7% from the free throw line this season. Compared to last season’s performance for the Wizards, Willis has slipped a lot. In the mid-season trade window, the Lakers tried to send Willow away, but ultimately did not put into action, Willow stayed with the team to play through the season.

According to U.S. media reports, the Lakers and Willis both had the idea of going their separate ways this summer after the season ended. But now it seems that both sides have changed their plans. Los Angeles Times reporter Jovan Buha reported that with Phil Jackson’s pushing advice, the Lakers not only don’t plan to trade Willis again, but also plan to negotiate a four-year, $170 million contract extension with him.

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Phil has coached the Lakers and led them to five championships. Phil is the former fiancé of Lakers owner Jeanie Bass, and Jeanie values his opinion. Phil admires Willis and believes that Willis’ poor performance this season is not a matter of ability, but Vogel’s failure to use him well. Jovan Buha relayed Phil’s opinion: “This season is not Willow’s normal game state, the Lakers did not find the right way to use Willow and the right tactics for Willow to play with James and Anthony Davis.”

In Phil’s opinion, as long as the correct use of Willow, the Lakers Big Three can return to the ranks of the championship. Also Willow’s contract is difficult to trade. After this season, Willow has one year left on his contract, with an annual salary of $47 million next season. Because of Willow’s poor performance this season, so his trade value is very low, even for Wall are going backwards first round signings. The Lakers are not willing to lose money trading Willow, plus Phil’s force, simply do not trade. The Lakers not only do not trade Willow, but also plan to give him a 4-year $170 million contract extension, which is intended for long-term cooperation with Willow. If Willow can return to the peak, that 4 years 170 million or worth. But Willow is 33 years old this year, he can really return to the peak in the future?


The Lakers aren’t trading Willis anymore, and James talked about his future when he answered questions from netizens online. One netizen asked how long James would play, to which James replied, “It depends on how I feel, on how long I can keep my psyche fresh and sharp (for), and I’m still a psychologically driven guy.”

Another user asked: Are you 100% planning to play with Brownie? James replied, “The plan is this! (It depends) on God’s will.”

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During the All-Star Game this year, James expressed his desire to play with Brownie in an interview, for which he was willing to give all his efforts, and now he is once again showing his attitude. After this season, James also has only one year left on his contract with the Lakers, with an annual salary of $44.47 million next season. The Lakers will offer James a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension, which James is still hesitant about.

If the Lakers really and Willow contract extension 4 years 170 million, then James may not renew with the Lakers. Because if Willow can return to the peak of that okay, once again can not return, then the Lakers will close the window for the championship.



Paul + Booker 0 of 11 in the half

May 16, 2022, the NBA playoffs Western Conference semifinals snatch seven battle Sun home battle Maverick, embarrassment is the first regular season league Sun home sleepwalking, the end of the half 27-57 down 30, Booker and Paul two core combined 11 shots 0 only got 3 points, while the Maverick double gun Dongqiqi and Ding Wei Di combined to get 48 points, including Dongqiqi one score and the Sun team as a whole are 27 points.

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The Maverick got off to a good start on the Sun’s home court with a 10-3 start. Doncic’s personal offense opened up the Suns’ defensive gap early on, and even though the Suns narrowed the deficit at one point, Kidd sent out his bench player Dinwiddie to perform what it means to be a bench bandit, and after coming on the court Dinwiddie hit two consecutive threes to extend the deficit to 21-10 and an 11-point lead.

Although this season Ding Wei Di’s three-point shooting is not stable, but the previous G6 game he shot 5 of 7 and scored 16 points to play a key role, this game seems to play a similar role.

The Maverick led the Suns 27-17 in the first quarter, with the Suns getting 2 points on free throws on Booker’s side on 0-of-5 shooting, Paul not scoring on 0-of-2 shooting, and Ayton also not scoring.

The second quarter opened with the Maverick still maintaining a high state, Dingwidi how to play how to have, the Suns only got 23 points after half of the second quarter, Booker and Paul combined to shoot 0 of 9. Ayton, on the other hand, finished his first sporting goal with a dunk after going 0 of 3.

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After Doncic scored 2+1 the Maverick extended the lead to 21 points to stop the Sun, and continued to extend the difference after that, under Doncic and Dinwiddie Gin and Tie the Maverick went into the second half leading by 30 points 57-27 on the road.

Kidd’s use of people is very proactive and very effective, although Monty was elected coach of the season, but this series Kidd’s clinical command can definitely play a super high score.

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Can we see Paul in a Lakers jersey in our lifetime? ( II )

If Paul wants to play in Los Angeles, the only obstacle now is the sign-and-trade between the Suns and Lakers. Paul would have to make a personal sacrifice and decline his $44 million player option for the final year to have a chance to win the Cup in Los Angeles with James and the Brow.

It’s a hard thing to do, even for a player who has made hundreds of millions of dollars in his career, and it’s almost impossible to put money on the table.

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Richard Jefferson has talked about Paul’s title bid, saying, “Honestly, I wouldn’t give up $40 million at the end of my career if I were you. It’s silly to even talk about it. I think Paul will be more like Kidd at the end of his career. Kidd was a dominant player on the court, and he went to the Mavericks as an on-court ball handler. He’s not putting up triple-doubles every night like he used to, but he’s still a good point guard. So, I think when Paul’s contract is over, he will play 1-2 years as a starting point guard for a championship team, and his salary will probably match his performance better then. However, if Paul really wants a championship ring, have him ready for $44 million and I can give him my 2016 one.”

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So why would Paul do this?

This is how Ben understands it, because a championship might be more valuable to Paul. He is destined to be one of the legends of the sport of basketball, but there are still questions about him from the outside. That he can’t stay healthy in critical moments or even touch the Western Conference floor, let alone be able to lead his team to the NBA Finals. He played with star players like James Harden, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, but never made it.

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The Los Angeles Lakers, who won the championship in 2020 and had a chance to defend their title, would be the favorites to win the title in 2022 if Paul joins the team. The Lakers could send Kyle Kuzma, Mondriz Haller and Dennis Schroder to the Sun.

It’s time for the Lakers and Paul to renew their relationship.

In 2011, the NBA vetoed one of the biggest trades in basketball history – the Lakers failed to acquire Chris Paul. The main voice of the veto came from Cleveland Cavaliers owner Daniel Gilbert. He said that if the Lakers got Chris Paul plus “The Beast” Howard, no team in the league had a chance against the Lakers led by Paul and Kobe, except for the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks at the time.

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Apparently he was so stunned by the super team that he complained to former NBA president David Stern and vetoed the deal.

Ten years later, the Lakers have another chance to acquire the “god of point guards”, only Paul is not the same as he was ten years ago, but what remains the same is that he is as smart as he was ten years ago.