The story behind Durant’s jersey

Let’s talk about Kevin Durant, before joining the Nets, he was in the Thunder and Warriors wear the jersey are 35. Why? It is to commemorate a very important person in his life, not his parents, but his initiation coach Craig. It can be said that without Craig’s teaching and help, there would be no Durant today. Durant’s father abandoned him and his mother together from the moment he was born and was nowhere to be seen.

#35 Kevin Durant Thunder Jersey & Warriors Jersey

It was Craig who gave Durant fatherly care from a young age, teaching him to play basketball, teaching him to deal with people and helping Durant grow. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

#35 Kevin Durant  Warriors Icon Edition Jersey

In the history of the Nets, there are quite a few players who have worn the number 7 jersey in the past, counting 13 in total, namely Kevin Williams (1989), Pete Myers (1990), Kenny Anderson (1992-1996), Reggie Williams (1997), Earl Boykins (1999), Jeromy Morso (2005), Bos Jane Nachbar (2006-2008), Tony Batey (2010), Troy Murphy (2011), Sean Williams (2012), Armon Johnson (2012), Joe Johnson (2013-2016), Lin (2017-18).

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It is not uncommon in the past for players to change jerseys after changing teams, but Durant has been wearing jersey number 35 for years, which has become his personal logo to some extent, and now changing his number is considered a huge change. There are also comments that what Durant is doing is following LeBron. For example, LeBron wanted to take control of his career, so he chose to go to the Heat, while Durant made a similar decision and joined the Warriors. LeBron started a production company, and Durant started one. LeBron went to Los Angeles, and Durant went to Brooklyn. LeBron changed his jersey number to #6 NBA jersey, and now Durant changed it to #7 NBA jersey.


Why Lebron James changed his jersey to number 6 when he joined the Heat ?

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First of all, James is a great admirer of Jordan, hoping to become a great player like Jordan, so he chose the No. 23 jersey in the Cavaliers when he first entered the league, which is to pay tribute to his idol Jordan is also to spur himself on.

#6 Lebron James Lakers Jersey

When the Lakers acquired Anthony Davis in the summer of 2019, James had volunteered to give up No. 23 to Davis and wear No. 6 himself instead, but was rejected by the brand. Since joining the Lakers in 2018, James has played three seasons for the Lakers wearing No. 23, including 167 games in the regular season and 27 in the playoffs, and led the Lakers to the 17th title in team history in 2019-20. According to another source, James has been wearing the Lakers No. 6 jersey during team practices.

In the summer of 2010, James joined the Heat, and since the Heat retired Jordan’s No. 23 jersey, James chose the No. 6 jersey, which is also James’ number on the U.S. national team, and he wore the No. 6 jersey for the Beijing Olympics and won the Olympic gold medal for the U.S. team.

#6 Lebron James Olympic Jersey

According to The Athletic reporter Tim Cato, the reason James changed his jersey number is to keep in line with his jersey number in the movie “Air Dunk 2” released this summer.

In response, media StatMuse said James is expected to become the first player in history to retire four NBA jerseys: Cavaliers 23, Heat 6, Lakers 23 and Lakers 6.

Also number 6 is the jersey number of another player James likes, Julius Erving. James’ first son’s birthday is October 6 and his second son was born on June 14, so the number 6 has a lot of meaning for James.