Can James retire 4 jerseys in one fell swoop by switching to number 6 jersey?

The Athletic reporter Shams Charania and Tim Cato jointly reported that Lakers star LeBron James will change his jersey number from 23 to 6 next season.

In 2003, James began his career in the Knights wearing the legendary No. 23 jersey symbolizing Jordan; in 2011, when he moved to the Heat, the old James wore No. 6 jersey, which brought him two championships in 2012 and 2013; after returning to Cleveland in July 2014, James wore the No. 23 jersey back and led the Knights to win the only championship in team history in 2016; in 2018 In July, James left the knight to join the Lakers, he then chose the number is still 23, and took his fourth championship in 2020.

Now, James is going back to wearing the No. 6 jersey. In fact, this is not the first time James came to Los Angeles after the idea of changing jersey numbers.

Lakers Jersey

As early as the 2019 offseason when Anthony Davis came to the Lakers, James wanted to give up the No. 23 jersey he was wearing as a “housewarming gift” to Davis, and even posted a photo of Davis holding the No. 23 jersey on Instagram.

From high school to college to the NBA, Davis has been wearing the number 23 jersey for 10 years before joining the Lakers. He led the University of Kentucky to the NCAA national championship wearing this number jersey, became the NBA’s first draft pick, and grew up to be the NBA’s most dominant freshman lineman.

However, the idea of the old James going along to get the number to Davis did not come to fruition. As the NBA jersey supplier and James contracted company Nike, at that time has completed the new season jersey and supporting products of mass production, if James temporary change number, then a large number of already produced jerseys and peripheral goods will be affected, the loss of up to tens of millions of dollars.

And according to the league regulations, players want to replace the jersey number need to apply a season in advance, the deadline is March 15 each year, James therefore withdrew the decision to change the number. Davis also had to find another way, he used the “player edit” mode to experiment with various numbers while playing the game, and finally chose the number 3, which was the number he wore when he was first introduced to basketball in elementary school.

Although James and Davis both played for several years with the Lakers with No. 23 and No. 3, respectively, yet both were quite regretful about not being able to switch numbers in the first place.

Davis, who has never been very happy with Nike’s decision, said in an interview with famed comedy show host Jimmy Kimmel, “The first time we went to dinner after the trade, [LeBron] said, ‘Guys look at that, here comes number 23.’ I was like, ‘Wow, thank you, LeBron. But Nike was like, ‘We don’t care who you are, this is too much money ……’ so I felt a little hurt about that.”

James wears the Lakers’ No. 23 jersey on the playing field, but in many informal settings, even team training sessions where media reporters can be seen, James often wears the No. 6 practice jersey. Los Angeles reporters initially did not understand the situation, but also ask the old James in the end when to change the number, or what is the symbolic meaning of wearing No. 6, and then everyone has become accustomed to it.

In fact, James this game jersey and training jersey number different habits, from 2014 back to the knight after the beginning. Old James once revealed that the move was to pay tribute to his idol in the NFL – Deion Sanders. Sanders’ official jersey number for most of his career was 21, and his training jersey number was the same number 2 he used all through college.

If all goes well, then James may officially switch back to No. 6 in the 2019-20 season, but the new crown epidemic has disrupted many normal affairs, and the number change can only be delayed again and again until today.

James’ No. 6 period is his peak years, once created numerous classic moments. This year, as the defending champions of the Lakers in the first round that was eliminated, this is also James 15 playoffs for the first time round trip. The outside world has begun to question whether James, who will be 37 years old next season, is old, and this change of number sends a signal to fight back.

In addition, The Athletic report also revealed that the reason why James changed his jersey number from 23 to 6 is also for the movie he produced and starred in, and will be released this year – “air dunk 2”, he wore in the movie jersey number is 6.

Davis himself is not considering changing his jersey number again, and several media outlets have confirmed that Davis will also wear the Lakers’ No. 3 jersey next season.

The most recent Lakers player to wear the No. 6 jersey was Lance Stephenson in 2018-19, and before that Jordan Clarkson and Eddie Jones. Interestingly, Jones also switched from another number to No. 6 that year because the Lakers retired the No. 25 jersey for Goodrich, and Jones played for the Heat from 2001-07, during which the number he wore was also No. 6, the same experience as James.

#8 & #24 Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

When it comes to the Lakers’ history of changing jerseys, Jones and his predecessor Goodrich have had the experience of changing numbers, Artest played for the Lakers during the period is to change the number like eating and drinking water, which is the most legendary when Kobe.

In 2005, the Lakers finally made up their minds to trade O’Neal away, Kobe proposed to change from No. 8 to No. 24 application, wanting to give themselves a fresh start. Similar to James 2019, Kobe’s application was a few months late and did not come to fruition until the following year’s 2006-07 season.

This change of number accomplished two great careers: Kobe in the 8 period as the second in charge to help the team get three consecutive championships, the establishment of an unbeatable OK dynasty; and he got his only MVP trophy in the 24 period, as the absolute leader led the Lakers to two championships in 2009 and 2010, completed the total number of championships beyond O’Neal, and from then on became the most recognized in the history of the Lakers. The Lakers have become recognized as the greatest player in team history.

Therefore, when the Lakers retired Kobe’s jersey in 2017, the number 8 and 24 were sealed at the same time, which is also a legendary story in the history of the NBA.

As for whether there can be a later, it will depend on James’ ……

NBA Jersey

There is no doubt that by the time James leaves the professional game, his Cavaliers No. 23 jersey and Heat No. 6 jersey will both be permanently retired by both teams.

In the three years he wore the Lakers’ No. 23 jersey, James led a revival of the Lakers, who hadn’t made the playoffs in six years, to become the hottest team in the NBA again. After the Lakers won the 2020 championship, James’ ability to retire his jersey on three teams has become a hot topic of discussion on the streets of the NBA.

Even the Lakers officials are no exception, they have expressed their hope on many occasions that James will retire his jersey in Los Angeles. Lakers general manager Pelinka has made it clear: “He will definitely have many jerseys retired, and I hope one of them is a Lakers jersey.”

If James can still lead the Lakers to make a comeback and take their fifth or even sixth crown after wearing number 6 back. Then, in the Lakers retired 2 numbers, three teams retired 4 jerseys such an unprecedented feat, for the old James is not impossible.

Which teams will retire James’ jersey ?

#6 Lebron James Heat Jersey

In addition to the honor of winning the championship every year in the NBA league, there are two other honors for players to strive for, one is to enter the Hall of Fame and the other is jersey retirement. Today we’ll discuss rationally which teams will retire James’ jersey after he retires?

#6 Lebron James Caveliers Jersey

James wore the number 6 jersey during the Heat. In the Heat played 4 seasons James all led the team into the finals, and for the Heat took two of the championship trophies, such achievements are enough to make the Heat for him to retire the No. 6 jersey. But one thing is that James in the Heat time is too short, before and after only 4 years. This may become an obstacle for the Heat to retire James’ jersey.

#23 Lebron James Lakers Jersey

Cleveland Cavaliers. This is the place where James’ dream began, is James’ mother team in the NBA. James’s emergence from the low point of the pendulum, James chose to leave after many unsuccessful attempts to lead the team to the championship. Although James has left the Cavaliers and returned to the Cavaliers, the fact that he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first championship trophy in history cannot be denied. In fact, in the 3 teams James played for, the possibility of the Cavaliers retiring James’ jersey number 23 is the greatest.


23号? Why did James wear No. 6 jersey in the Heat that year, instead of No. 23?

2019-20 season of the Lakers, with the addition of Anthony Davis, the strength of this team has been greatly improved. 2018-19 season they are still not in the playoffs, all of a sudden became a championship favorite, it is clear that the strength of the thick brow brother is still recognized by everyone. We all know that the Brow career has been wearing the 23 jersey, but in the Lakers James chose the 23, and eventually James chose to give this number to the Brow, but for various reasons eventually could not be successfully completed, perhaps until the next next season to see the Brow wearing the 23, while James continues to wear the 23 campaign next season.

#6 Lebron James Heat Jersey

But if James does not wear 23, he will choose which number it may be the first thing that comes to mind is No. 6, because in the period of the Heat, James wore the No. 6 jersey, which is also the peak of his career four years. And No. 6 is James’s favorite number in addition to No. 23, when in the dream team James wore is No. 6, usually team training uniforms James’s number is also No. 6, although I do not know what this number means for James, but it is certainly very important. Of course James can also continue to wear No. 23, but he still chose to give him to his teammates as a gift.

#6 Lebron James Lakers Jersey

It is well known that James chose to wear No. 23 is the reason for the god of basketball Jordan, because James grew up watching Jordan play, his idol is Jordan, he hopes to grow to the same height as Jordan, to become a flying point guard, and eventually James grew to 2 meters 03, can only choose the small forward position, but in fact James career has been doing the point guard thing, or career average of 27 points How to come, in 10 years to join the Heat, because at that time the Heat has retired Jordan’s 23 jersey, and as an idol, when Riley also chose to retire his jersey because he was Jordan beaten and convinced, so James can not wear 23 in this team, can only choose the 6 jersey, because always can not take Jordan 23 number down, which is disrespectful to Jordan, the first person in history.

#6 Lebron James Heat Statement Edition Jersey

When it comes to James change to wear No. 6 jersey, there is a little story here, after James joined the Heat, publicly expressed the hope that the entire league retired No. 23, all players are not allowed to wear No. 23, and then start from themselves. James resolutely chose No. 6, but after returning to the knights in 14 years, James once again put on his familiar No. 23 jersey, and four consecutive years to play in the finals, and in 16 years to get the championship. Although James said so, but the league is also impossible to do so, after all, many people will choose the number 23, and the number 23 should always appear in the NBA.

That’s how James played in the Heat wearing the No. 6 NBA jersey for 4 years, helping the team reach the finals for four consecutive years, two championships, twice elected MVP and FMVP, James can be said to be one of the greatest players in the history of the Heat. Of course in the Heat he is not as great as Wade, but the Heat should also retire his jersey, although the effectiveness of the time is not long, but 2 championships is enough to explain everything. In fact, that year James can choose other teams, not necessarily to join the Heat, he and Wade once wanted to join the Chicago Bulls, of course, the Bulls can not wear the 23, but James did not care whether you can wear 23 to play, it is just a number.

Will James Heat’s No. 6 be retired?

James from the time he entered the NBA’s Knights 1.0 period to wear No. 23 jersey, he himself also loved this hour idol Jordan number jersey, but in 10 years will he decided to bring his talent to the South Coast of Miami Heat when he changed his jersey number to No. 6, which is also the jersey number he wore in the national basketball team, and has been wearing until he gave up the Heat to return to the Knights, and only after the change back to the familiar The number 23 jersey!

#6 Lebron James Heat Jersey

James has recently been blown up again to wear the No. 6 jersey, the reason is the premature exit of the Lakers this season, so that James’s signing party Nike has a lot of time to mass-produce No. 6 jerseys, we see from many vendors’ sale information, James’s Lakers No. 6 jersey finished products have been placed on the shelves. Only this time James changed to wear No. 6 jersey is not to give No. 23 to Davis, but for the film “air dunk 2” publicity, James’ No. 6 jersey happens to be the main character of the new movie robes. This wave of operation is really show, because James again changed to wear the Lakers No. 6 jersey, that when he retires, he is expected to reach a historical record, that is, the retirement of four jerseys, respectively, the Knight’s 23, the Heat’s No. 6, the Lakers’ 23 and the Lakers’ No. 6. We are mainly talking about the Heat James’ No. 6 jersey can be retired today.

#23 James Lakers Jersey &#23 Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey

James to the Heat after changing to wear No. 6, in fact, the most primary reason is the Heat’s No. 23 jersey has been retired, when the Heat president Pat Riley in order to remember Jordan, express respect for the god of basketball, retired the team’s No. 23 jersey. For this reason, James’s team also launched a very successful marketing, touched many James’s fans. After joining the Heat, James said he hoped that all 30 teams in the NBA would retire the No. 23 jersey as a reminder of Jordan’s great dedication to the NBA league. But the back story we all know, James after leaving the heat, and wear back the 23 jersey.

#23 Lebron James Lakers Jersey

In the NBA, a superstar will always experience a change of jersey number, the most successful Jordan, later Kobe, and then James. 23 is a number with magic, which comes first from Jordan’s success, James likes this number very much, because later many people grew up watching Jordan play, they all hope in their hearts to become Jordan’s character, or even to exceed him, James in Heat for No. 6 jersey, in fact, also hope that they can make changes, even if they do not use this number, can still lead the team to win success, can still cross their idols.

Of course, James is the most emotionally intelligent player in the history of basketball, and his every move is also tied to the business interests behind it. So many of his moves often require finding a seemingly appropriate reason for himself. Just as the world wanted him to participate in the dunk contest when he was young, but he expected to be unable to consistently win the title for fear of affecting his image and leaving a stain, James had also found various reasons to put it off until he was old enough for people to stop bringing it up.

Heat Association Edition Jersey

James in the Heat four years four times into the finals and there is a two consecutive championships, from the honor of James to get jersey retirement treatment is also deserved, for example, O’Neal also had four seasons in the Heat, during which the team won one championship, also have jersey retirement treatment, summed up to see the dedication of James for the Heat, and the friendship between Wade, the Heat retired James jersey odds are great.

Heat Icon Edition Jersey

If you look at the entire Heat team history, from the dedication to the Heat, James is perhaps second only to Wade, better than O’Neal and Haslem who got a championship. O’Neal joined the Heat when it was to the tail end of the peak, the Heat’s first championship dedication, but only that one championship, and fmvp is still Wade. And although Haslem is the Heat’s meritorious veteran, but to say to the team that peak four years of dedication, Haslem has, but compared to James, is still much worse.

#6 Lebron James Heat Icon Edition Jersey

Let’s take a look at the same period of stars, James has over the heat period, he and Wade, Bosh led the Heat twice to win the Cup is enough to prove that he is the NBA historical level of the star, he brought Miami Heat honor is certainly inestimable. Even though James later returned to the Cavaliers, back home. But no one can deny the glow of his time with the Heat.

NBA No. 0 and No. 00 jerseys

NBA jersey number selection, and FIBA is different, FIBA only allows players to choose 4 to 15 for their jersey number, it is said that the policy is now liberalized, but most players will still choose 4 to 15 of the number when playing for their country. In the NBA, there are no restrictions on the choice of numbers. Players can choose any number from 0 to 99 as their jersey number, 00 jerseys can also be chosen, but the meaning is different from #0 jerseys.

#00 Celtics Jersey

#0 and #00 jerseys are not the same, they represent different meanings. 0 is the number 0, while 00 represents 100, the league jersey number are two digits, so there is a situation. 0 jersey active players are the Thunder’s Willow and the Knights’ Love, etc.; there are also many players who use 00 jerseys, for example, in the last season there are the Knicks’ Kanter, the 76ers’ Jacob Pullen, the The Magic’s Aaron Gordon, the Nuggets’ Dare Atul, the Kings’ Cauley Stein and other players use the number.

#0 &#00 Blazers Jersey

Robert Parrish of Green Army fame, who wears jersey number 00, revealed in an interview that #00 is a number of consummation, and in his opinion, 00 is equivalent to 100. Since the Chief’s words, the symbolism of the #00 jersey has been obvious, representing the number 100 NBA jerseys. Green Army Hall of Fame Chief Parrish is not the first player to play in the #00 jersey is not known, but he is definitely the most accomplished player among the #00 jerseys.

Arias, nicknamed the General, was once the Wizards’ starter, a three-time All-Star and one-time MIP. active players are also very much number 0 jerseys, just transferred to the Rockets’ Willow is number 0 jerseys, and Lillard, who signed a super long-term contract with the Trail Blazers, is also number 0 jerseys. Once the league’s first center Cousins in the Pelicans, the Warriors are also wearing No. 0 jerseys. The Cavaliers’ all-star power forward, Love, is also wearing jersey number 0 and so on.

#0 Cavaliers Jersey

For NBA players, the number is a very important symbol, Dwayne Wade said: “I have personally heard many players say that because a team’s ideal number has been occupied or retired, they refused to join the team.” So, no one would have nothing to do with changing their number, and many number changes have significant meaning behind them.


The banned No. 69 NBA jersey


The jersey number, in the eyes of most players is sacrosanct, generally speaking, most NBA stars will not easily change their numbers, after all, if you can not do the end of a city, then only wear a jersey for life, so that the number becomes their own synonym is also a good choice. However, for some players, they don’t care about the situation and changing their number is a common thing for them, just like the big bug Rodman. He changed 5 numbers in 14 years, and because of the jersey number Rodman also fought with the league, Rodman wanted to choose the 69 jersey that year, but was banned, this is why?

Rockets Jersey

The jersey number is reminiscent of the NBA’s choice of jersey number are taken a laissez-faire mode, only will only give some specific numbers to limit, such as 69 jersey, which is due to a certain body position related, once banned by the league, the NBA also rarely players to choose, but Rodman does not think so, his character is very odd, in some things at all will not avoid, such as the application to wear 69 jersey when joining the Mavericks. For example, when joining the Mavericks applied to wear jersey number 69. But the league is rational after all, NBA players are also considered public figures, not to mention pricks like Rodman, wearing the 69 jersey on the court and jumping, what can be a good image.

#91 Dennis Rodman Bulls Jersey

The extremely personalized Rodman, after being rejected by the league when applying to wear jersey number 69, Rodman added a 1 directly to number 69 and wore number 70 instead in protest. Rodman is one of the most personalized players in the history of the NBA, and his line is very strange, easy to break the routine, and the lace news is much more than the court performance.

After Rodman, another NBA prick Artest also applied for the #69 NBA jersey, but still rejected by the league, Artest had no choice but to choose the #96 jersey. We can find that the NBA officially does not specify that players can not wear #69 NBA jersey, just an unwritten rule that everyone is abiding by, it is because of this that Rodman and Artest will apply to the league.

Rodman is no longer magical after leaving the Bulls. Without a top superstar like Jordan to bind him, Rodman has a scattered and unruly personality, which makes him play less and less minutes. Coupled with the declining level of personal athleticism as he got older, Rodman gradually fell off the radar.

If you were to rank the most individual players in the history of the league, Rodman would be in the top few! As you can notice, Rodman’s hair style is always varied, his demeanor is unique, and his off-court journalism draws more attention than his on-court presence. the NBA has a series of standards to maintain the image of the league as well as its players, such as dress codes, which are an important aspect of image building and are the reason the league is doing well. In fact players are required to follow the league’s rules when commenting and making statements on social media – after all, what they say and do affects the league’s image.

These NBA rules seem impersonal, in fact, some rules are to maintain the positive image of the league, some rules are to protect the players, each NBA president does not want the NBA to return to that era full of negative news, because it will make their income drop sharply, or even cause a lockout, so the general players will comply with these unwritten rules, only Rodman, Atai such The league will not let players like them play freely, the league can tolerate their loud personalities, tolerate their mavericks, but can not tolerate the behavior of those who challenge the bottom line.

Special case for jersey NBA players

The so-called special exception is the above all number change behavior involved in the violation of the terms, what enable the retirement of jerseys, change the number during the season and so on, he a person accounted for all, in the NBA can enjoy such a privilege, of course, can only be him, Michael Jordan.

#12 Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey

Michael Jordan #23 to #12, 1989-90 season, Bulls #45 to #23, 1994-95 season, Bulls.

#23 Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey

The first time Jordan changed his number was an incident that is now a household name. On Valentine’s Day 1990, an uninvited guest visited the Magic’s visiting locker room and stole a red No. 23 jersey, only to have Jordan find his jersey missing on the way out of the game and find a temporary replacement for the No. 12 jersey, which didn’t even have a name on the back. The second change was more complicated, as Jordan returned to the Bulls from the baseball stadium in the 1994-95 season and announced his comeback in the middle of the season, but because the Bulls had retired his No. 23 jersey, Jordan chose No. 45.

#45 Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey

No. 45 was the number of Jordan’s older brother Larry Jordan when he played, and Michael had long regarded his older brother as his idol. He continued to use that number when he returned to the Bulls. But in the 1995 playoffs, the Bulls met the Magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals, and in the first game of the series, Magic guard Nick Anderson poked Jordan’s ball from behind before the end of the game to help the Magic make a fast break, and after the game Anderson said, “No. 45 is not the same as No. 23!

As a result, three days later, Anderson was surprised to see a Jordan wearing the number 23 jersey on the court! After the Bulls paid a $25,000 fine, Jordan took his jersey off the ceiling. Jordan himself confessed, “I still feel much more comfortable wearing this number,” and he even mentioned his father in heaven, “I’ll keep wearing this number until I leave the basketball court I will wear this number until I leave the basketball court, 23 is me, my father has never seen me play in 45, so I deserve to make this decision.” Although the number change didn’t help the Bulls beat the Magic at the time, Jordan, wearing number 23, never lost another round of the playoffs after that.



The most incomprehensible changes of NBA jerseys for Ron Artest

Some players change their numbers with explanations that boggle your mind, sometimes even contradict themselves, and while their brains are wide open, our eyes as onlookers are also wide open.

#15 Ron Artest Pacers Jersey

Ron Artest #15 to #23, 2002-03 season, Pacers #23 to #91, 2004-05 season, Pacers #37 to #15, 2010-11 season, Lakers

#23 Ron Artest Pacers Jersey

Artest is definitely a legend in the history of the NBA to change the number, he has used a thousand strange numbers, the reason is bizarre, such as joining the Kings when the choice of 93, his explanation is that this is to commemorate his hometown in your hometown of Queensbridge, 93 is the Queen Bridge (QueenBridge) abbreviated letters (QB) digital image; and join the Rockets when the choice of 96, the reason is that there are 96 buildings in Queensbridge; Lakers No. 37, is to commemorate Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” once ranked No. 1 for 37 weeks; Knicks No. 51, is the father once ranked No. 1 in the history of the NBA. The reason is that there are 96 buildings in the Queensbridge district; the Lakers’ No. 37, in memory of Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” once ranked No. 1 on the gold chart for 37 consecutive weeks; the Knicks’ No. 51, is the number …… you can think of, can not think of, can guess, can not guess the logic, he all used.

#37 Ron Artest Lakers Jersey

As for the 3 times he voluntarily changed his number in the same team, the first time he changed to No. 23, saying that Jordan was his most admired player, although he had broken Jordan’s ribs before his rookie season; the second time he was still in the Pacers, but in order to pay tribute to “Bad Boy” Rodman, he changed to No. 91 again, and it was wearing No. 91 that he ended up wearing. The second time he was in the Pacers, but in tribute to “Bad Boy” Rodman, he changed to 91 again, and it was wearing 91 that he swung his fist at the Palace of Auburn Hills fans. When the Lakers changed their number, he said he wanted a new start to his basketball career, so he changed it to the original number 15.

#91 Ron Artest Pacers Jersey

Then simply even Ron Artest’s name was discarded along with the name change to Ci Shi Ping (Metta World Peace) along with the intention to modify the number to 70 again, but the number change request was finally wisely blocked by the league. He’s not tired, I’m tired of hearing it.

It is important to note that all evidence suggests that his official name is still C Shiping, unlike the names “I have a name” and “The Panda Friend” that have since been changed.

Kobe Bryant changed his Lakers jersey from #8 to #24

This is the NBA in the 21st century the most famous player change number event, but Kobe in fact why give up No. 8 to choose No. 24? So far there is no standard answer published, and public opinion on this is a variety of opinions. The more credible argument is that Kobe in high school once carried two numbers 24 and 33, Lakers 33 has long been retired for Jabbar, so Kobe wanted to choose 24 at the beginning of the league in 1996.

#24 Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

But when Kobe was picked by the Lakers, the Lakers’ No. 24 jersey was occupied by a guy named Fred Roberts, and although he left immediately in the summer of 1996, another guy named George McLeod wore No. 24, although now it seems that both players are unknown compared to Kobe, but after all, Kobe in 1996 was just an 18-year-old high school graduate.

 #8 Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Other Kobe for the number of claims include: wearing No. 8 won three championships, are obtained as O’Neal’s deputy, 8 × 3 = 24, wearing No. 24 and then win the championship, a value can offset the three; 24 seconds is the NBA time limit of an offense, Kobe wears No. 24 jersey symbol of their own often shot in the whistle ball; and No. 24 NBA jersey than Jordan’s No. 23 jersey just big 1 …… above all kinds of claims, only for after-dinner talk, can not be taken seriously.

#24 & #8 Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Charles Barkley changed his NBA jersey from #34 to #32

Because of HIV infection, Magic Johnson announced his retirement at the end of the 1990-91 season (and later made a brief comeback), when he was only 31 years old, the year of his retirement was still at the peak of 19.4 points and 12.5 assists per game, so how many people were saddened by it. Barkley in order to commemorate the Magic, will wear their own years of 34 jersey to the Magic 32, it is worth mentioning that the 76ers 32 has been retired for the team’s all-time legend Billy Cunningham, but the team and the league have agreed to Barkley to put it back on.

#34 Charles Barkley Suns Jersey

Charles Barkley is one of the greatest power forwards in NBA history, he is an underrated superstar player, now retired also as an NBA basketball analyst, Charles Barkley’s comments are also often ridiculed by fans of the network. But don’t forget how dominant Charles Barkley was as a player.

NBA Jersey

On February 9, 1996, in the Suns’ win over the Nets, Suns player Barkley scored 30 points and 18 rebounds to break 20,000 career points.

Eleven days later, Barkley became the eleventh player in NBA history to score 20,000 points + 10,000 rebounds.

76ers Jersey

Barkley has played for the 76ers, Suns and Rockets in his career and has made 1073 NBA career appearances, averaging 36.7 minutes per game and scoring 22.1 points, 11.7 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 1.5 steals.

Barkley put up career averages of 22.1 points, 11.7 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.5 steals and 0.8 caps per game. During his time in the league, he was able to put up back-to-back seasons averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds per game, which was huge for the 76ers, Suns and Rockets he played for. Barkley eventually saw his No. 34 jersey retired by the 76ers and was awarded an honorary ring by the Suns. in 2006, he was recognized by the Hall of Fame and subsequently named to the NBA’s Top 50 and Top 75 Players lists, the only thing missing from his career was a championship ring.