Lakers owner Jenny in crisis, should James be traded?

Recently, the Lakers broke the news of trading James caused a hot debate, so is this true or not?

James as one of the best players in history, I believe that any team will not want to trade James, from the team’s point of view, James has a super high popularity and influence, as a business league team, who will not let go of such a big fish, but this season James said not to renew the contract with the Lakers early, which put the Lakers in crisis, to know that James’s contract expires next year, the team these two years The operation of forming a championship team has sent away a lot of young potential players and draft picks, if James does not renew, next year’s contract expires, the Lakers will be completely rebuilt, and now trade James can still get back a good chip. With the addition of the giants, to re-establish the championship-winning lineup, is certainly more chance.

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And James will probably not leave the Lakers, as the top star in history, James to how a team, is certainly to be the boss, and every championship team has a mature core, as 37-year-old James, let it give way is obviously unrealistic, and to a team without the strength of the championship, James certainly does not want to go, he has proved his ability to lead the team, and is not The 37-year-old James is obviously not suitable as the cornerstone of the team’s reconstruction, which is also the biggest stumbling block facing the trade James, the Lakers really want to trade James, it is also difficult to find a suitable home for James, in exchange for more lucrative chips.