What jersey number is Russell Westbrook wearing?

Russell Westbrook wears jersey number 0. Because the NBA players who wear jersey number 0 are some players with great personality. And the players who can wear the No. 0 jersey are very powerful superstars. For example, Lillard, Cousins and so on are invariably first-class masters. Will less than 2008 through the draft into the NBA, with Durant, Harden, Ibaka formed enough to make the whole league tremble “Thunder four”. And with excellent play in 2012 to kill the NBA finals, when the Thunder four are still too young, both technical aspects or age mentality are not mature enough. So against the veteran and long-established “Heat three” is still a big gap. So there is no doubt that the score is still hanging.

#0 Russell Westbrook Icon Edition Thunder Jersey

At that time, Russell Westbrook was very frustrated, because it was still very difficult for the young and vigorous Russell Westbrook, his inner revenge anger is also brewing for a long time, but the team’s management in order to save 4 million yuan of luxury tax but traded away the then one of the core giants of Harden. Later the Thunder also entered the Western Conference finals but the distance from the championship and the finals is getting farther and farther away.

#0 Russell Westbrook Thunder 2021-22 Association Jersey

It was later reversed against Curry’s Warriors. What followed is familiar to everyone, as the Thunder’s big man Durant defected to join the Warriors. This also stirred up the strongest Russell Westbrook, who in the following days won his own scoring king and regular season MVP and had four seasons averaging a triple-double, finally succeeding in surpassing the historical triple-double king Big O Robertson, becoming the new triple-double king.

Russell Westbrook later also flourished, as age and explosive power decline, Russell Westbrook began to wander in the Rockets, Wizards incessantly. The once regular season MVP fell to the league’s outcasts and vagabonds. Until this season joined the Lakers, teaming up with James, Brow and others to form a reigning league “Lakers Big Three”. Although Russell Westbrook in the Lakers play and adapt badly, slow to find their appropriate position and role.

After losing two games in a row in the opening, Russell Westbrook is getting better and better, in today’s game where James is absent cut 33 + 10 + 8 quasi-triple-double data dream back to the peak, I hope to re-clothe the Lakers 0 jersey Russell Westbrook can play better and better, early to assist James to get the coveted championship it.