Special case for jersey NBA players

The so-called special exception is the above all number change behavior involved in the violation of the terms, what enable the retirement of jerseys, change the number during the season and so on, he a person accounted for all, in the NBA can enjoy such a privilege, of course, can only be him, Michael Jordan.

#12 Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey

Michael Jordan #23 to #12, 1989-90 season, Bulls #45 to #23, 1994-95 season, Bulls.

#23 Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey

The first time Jordan changed his number was an incident that is now a household name. On Valentine’s Day 1990, an uninvited guest visited the Magic’s visiting locker room and stole a red No. 23 jersey, only to have Jordan find his jersey missing on the way out of the game and find a temporary replacement for the No. 12 jersey, which didn’t even have a name on the back. The second change was more complicated, as Jordan returned to the Bulls from the baseball stadium in the 1994-95 season and announced his comeback in the middle of the season, but because the Bulls had retired his No. 23 jersey, Jordan chose No. 45.

#45 Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey

No. 45 was the number of Jordan’s older brother Larry Jordan when he played, and Michael had long regarded his older brother as his idol. He continued to use that number when he returned to the Bulls. But in the 1995 playoffs, the Bulls met the Magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals, and in the first game of the series, Magic guard Nick Anderson poked Jordan’s ball from behind before the end of the game to help the Magic make a fast break, and after the game Anderson said, “No. 45 is not the same as No. 23!

As a result, three days later, Anderson was surprised to see a Jordan wearing the number 23 jersey on the court! After the Bulls paid a $25,000 fine, Jordan took his jersey off the ceiling. Jordan himself confessed, “I still feel much more comfortable wearing this number,” and he even mentioned his father in heaven, “I’ll keep wearing this number until I leave the basketball court I will wear this number until I leave the basketball court, 23 is me, my father has never seen me play in 45, so I deserve to make this decision.” Although the number change didn’t help the Bulls beat the Magic at the time, Jordan, wearing number 23, never lost another round of the playoffs after that.