Lakers make Russell the core of championship contention

From the beginning of last season along with Willow’s bad play, there are many media and fans asked the Lakers to trade him away, but naive his turnovers and shooting at that time is too bad, so there is no other team willing to take over, so the question to has not been solved until now, but now things have changed significantly, when the Lakers boss hired Zen Master Jackson as a personal adviser, Willow has been the team as the core of the championship.

 Because Zen Master Jackson is very optimistic about Russell’s ability, and in his opinion Russell’s fighting spirit and his high attendance rate is a guarantee of winning the championship, he also advocates that the Lakers trade James and Brow for quality chips and then set up the Big Three to continue to impact the championship, the current Lakers hired head coach’s first topic is to let them make the answer to how to properly use Russell.

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And now Jenny Bass also agreed to the old lover Zen Master Jackson to Russell as the core of the championship strategy, but on do not know what kind of attitude he holds for trading James, but since the promise to Russell as the core of the championship, then James may really become a trading chip, and Sam Amick is said to trade James’s program is probably a star player + first-round picks.

In fact, when Zen Master Jackson became the team’s advisor a week ago, James’ team joined forces with general manager Pelinka to strongly oppose the “uninvited guest”, they are tired of the “uninvited guest”, because Zen Master Jackson’s involvement will certainly weaken their own voice in the team, so do you think the Lakers will produce some amazing deals this summer?

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Double happiness for Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers team strength should be progress recently, the Lakers can and the league’s second record Warriors play hard to break, and the Lakers also beat the top four teams in the West Jazz, which shows that the grinding effect gradually reflected, Willow is really changing recently, and to the good direction. The only worry for the Lakers is still: the injury of the Brow, this season the Brow suffered several injuries, this time ankle sprain, and at least 4 weeks to recuperate from the injury. However, as Willow’s form picks up, the Lakers chemistry becomes better, the old James led the team to beat the powerful Jazz, Howard and Anthony are harvesting good news.

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First, the Lakers and the Jazz this battle, the Lakers in the case of being behind, James and Willow led the team in the fourth quarter to stage a big comeback. Willow handled the ball very calmly at the end of the quarter, he was 3 of 5, the fourth quarter alone cut 9 points + 3 boards + 1 helper, and his key free throws 3 of 4, helping the Lakers to stabilize the win. Old James late quarter crazy cut points, James and Willow two giants late quarter led a wave of 20-5 crazy reversal of the rival Jazz. Although Mitchell cut 37 points the highest in the game, but the Jazz still fell. Lakers James efficient to get 33 points + 8 rebounds + 6 assists, Willow also stable contribution of 17 points + 7 rebounds + 6 assists, the play of their two cores in this battle, really very fans lament, Willow finally become good.

Second, Willow not only played the Jazz play well, the Lakers played the Warriors game, Willow also efficient 13 shots 7, cut 19 points + 7 rebounds + 5 assists + 1 steal, the defensive end Willow is not too bad, and he only 1 turnovers in the whole game. When Willow can hit fifty percent and not have too many turnovers, then Willow’s role is already reflected. The last few games Willow has been playing pretty well, he doesn’t shoot the ball in waves or rush the ball now, he plays calmly and patiently, which is a reasonable way to play. And Willow said that he has been and James Davis have in communication, hope to be able to change the way to play to help the team win the game. Old James also thinks that Willow attitude has been very good, he is willing to do a whole new change.

Third, in addition to defeating strong opponents, the Lakers and James also harvest good news. American media announced the NBA league team jersey and star jersey sales total ranking, which the Lakers jersey sales in 30 states in the lead (first), the Bulls jersey sales in 8 states first, the Bulls rise this season, Chicago is also a big ball market, their fan market and base is also very huge. nba league official announcement star jersey sales total ranking, LeBron James is still the first in the league, the warriors Curry came second. Among the nation, the team with James, the total amount of jersey sales has always been the first in the league, the old James off-court influence is still huge, Curry and Durant still can not catch up.

Fourth, Howard and Anthony also reaped good news: the authoritative American media The Athletic re-ranked the NBA’s top 75 superstars, in which Howard and Anthony were selected together. Previously, the NBA’s official list of the top 75 superstars, Howard did not make the cut, and fans across the United States were buzzing. This time the American media 75 superstar list, the Lakers lineup of five players selected, the most in the league: James + Willow + Brow + Howard + Anthony are listed. Old James is second all-time, just behind Jordan. Willow is 46th, Brow 53rd, Howard 56th and Anthony 63rd. Anthony and Howard are still playing well for the Lakers this season. Anthony is the fourth scorer for the Lakers, and he is very critical in scoring off the bench. Howard is a bit wrong this season, the Vogel coaching staff does not like to use him, resulting in his bench center playing particularly little time, in fact, sometimes, the Lakers on Howard can fight against the traditional inside center, he deserves Vogel to give a little more opportunity.

Lakers owner Jenny in crisis, should James be traded?

Recently, the Lakers broke the news of trading James caused a hot debate, so is this true or not?

James as one of the best players in history, I believe that any team will not want to trade James, from the team’s point of view, James has a super high popularity and influence, as a business league team, who will not let go of such a big fish, but this season James said not to renew the contract with the Lakers early, which put the Lakers in crisis, to know that James’s contract expires next year, the team these two years The operation of forming a championship team has sent away a lot of young potential players and draft picks, if James does not renew, next year’s contract expires, the Lakers will be completely rebuilt, and now trade James can still get back a good chip. With the addition of the giants, to re-establish the championship-winning lineup, is certainly more chance.

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And James will probably not leave the Lakers, as the top star in history, James to how a team, is certainly to be the boss, and every championship team has a mature core, as 37-year-old James, let it give way is obviously unrealistic, and to a team without the strength of the championship, James certainly does not want to go, he has proved his ability to lead the team, and is not The 37-year-old James is obviously not suitable as the cornerstone of the team’s reconstruction, which is also the biggest stumbling block facing the trade James, the Lakers really want to trade James, it is also difficult to find a suitable home for James, in exchange for more lucrative chips.

James No. 6 jersey won 50% of the championship, far more than the No. 23 jersey

A little earlier, the Los Angeles Lakers officially announced that the Korean food cooking brand BIBIGO and the Lakers reached an agreement to become the team’s new jersey advertising sponsor, followed by the Lakers official Twitter also released the team’s core LeBron James to show his new season No. 6 jersey photos. In fact, as early as the 19-20 season when the Lakers joined the thick eyebrows, James wanted to give his 23 jersey to the former, but because of various commercial reasons at the time, also makes James still wear the 23 jersey, but after the end of last season, James also officially confirmed that he will be in the new season will be the jersey number to the Heat period 6, but the thick eyebrows will not change the #23 NBA jersey, but still The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

#6 LeBron James USA Olympic Jersey

As early as in St. Mary’s High School, James has been wearing No. 23 jersey, and this number also followed to enter the NBA together, after being selected by Cleveland Cavaliers in 03, James’s jersey number has also been 23, but in 08 on behalf of the team to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, due to the jersey number can only choose small (after the reform, the number can be chosen at will), James had no choice but to also This number has an important meaning for James, because in addition to Jordan, James’s favorite player is Julius Owen, and that year Owen was wearing the No. 6 jersey. In addition, James’s first child, Brownie James, was born on the 6th, and his second son, Bryce James, was born in June, and the lucky number 6 has an inseparable relationship with James, the most choose the number 6 as his national team jersey number.

#23 LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey

And in 10 years to join the Heat, because the 23 jersey has been retired by the Heat, James also simply changed his jersey number to the national team period of No. 6, so play the Heat this 4 years, James are wearing No. 6 jersey for the new owner to play, following the 08-09 and 09-10 season successfully defended the regular season MVP, to the Heat, James still show their extraordinary influence, and in 11-12 and 12-13 season again back to back won the MVP. And in the 11-12 and 12-13 seasons again back to back won the MVP award, playing for the Heat these four years, James helped the Heat successfully killed the Finals stage, although in the first year of the finals regrettably lost to the Dallas Maverick, but in the following 12 and 13 years of the finals, they were killed Thunder, Spurs, successfully won two consecutive titles, James also won the award of FMVP. In other words, the probability of James wearing the No. 6 uniform to win the championship reached 50%.

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As his most representative No. 23 jersey, 18 years of career, excluding the Heat that 4 years, that is to say, James has 14 years are wearing No. 23, but the probability of this number to win the championship is far lower than the No. 6 jersey, only a poor 15%, except in 16 years back to the Cavaliers, to help the team in the finals with the Warriors in that year to 1-3 desperate comeback to win the team history finale, the only time to win the championship is in The only time he won a championship was in 20 years when he represented the Lakers in the finals against his old team, the Heat, and successfully topped the competition 4-2 to win his fourth career championship trophy, winning the title on behalf of three different teams in a row. But compared to those three, James is the “only one” who won the FMVP for every championship.

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So this time to change the number, James can also continue the previous luck, the answer is not impossible. In this offseason, Pelinka learned the lessons of last season’s debacle, taking advantage of James’ few career, continue to draw strong reinforcements for it, after first trading from the Wizards to get Willow the third giant, and then successively in the free market to take Howard, Rondo, small Jordan, Anthony, Ariza, Ellington, Bazemore, Monk, Nunn and other strong warriors, to further expand the depth of the team’s roster The new season of the purple and gold is also seen as the biggest favorite to win the championship. And this change of number, for James is also a new weather, a new beginning.

The Lakers have also opened their training camp this season. As the oldest average age of a senior team, the Lakers have been teased as the “Los Angeles nursing home”, and this group of old guys, whether under the leadership of James, to succeed in winning the O’Brien Cup, is indeed a topic of great concern to people.

What is the significance of James wearing jersey number 23?

There are what players have left a lot of footprints here in the NBA family, and the history they have made, but only a few of them have changed their jersey numbers, and many still have never changed their NBA jersey numbers in their entire careers.

#6 LeBron James Heat Jersey

Some prominent examples are Michael Jordan ( Michael Jordan) and his love of number 23, Magic Johnson and his famous number 32 jersey. And of course, Kobe and his iconic #8 and #24 jerseys hanging from the rafters of the Staples Center. Likewise, LeBron James (LeBron James) loves to write the number 23 on the back of his jersey.

Just like any other kid, LeBron grew up admiring Michael Jordan. Like Jordan’s desire to succeed, LeBron chose to wear number 23 from high school. We all know that “his air” likes to have numbers on his back, and so does LeBron. Throughout his high school career, he represented the Fighting Irish, also known as St. Vincent. For the Mary’s men’s basketball team, LeBron excelled at the jersey number, which was attributed to MJ. Thus, the story of LeBron wearing jersey number 23 began in his early days. So, when he entered the NBA as a teenager, he had the same tradition. He was considered the “chosen one”, a newer, younger version of Michael Jordan.

#23 LeBron James Lakers Jersey

LeBron became the league’s new No. 23 and the savior of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since his rookie season, LeBron has forged a deep bond with the Cavaliers, and that bond has remained strong for many years. After establishing himself in the business, LeBron decided to leave the Cavaliers and take his chances elsewhere. Compared to Jordan, he had to win a championship ring and that was not feasible with the Cavaliers. LeBron James’ decision really shocked everyone. 2010, LeBron James’ decision to announce his departure from the Cavaliers turned everyone’s head. James said he would join the Miami Heat to play alongside Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. But the shocking news doesn’t stop there.

Over the years, LeBron has worn the No. 23 jersey in honor of Michael Jordan, trying to emulate his childhood idol. But when LeBron decided to play for the Heat, he ditched No. 23 in favor of No. 6. James publicly stated his decision to change his numbers and mentioned that he made the decision out of respect for Michael Jordan. “I just thought that what Michael Jordan did for the game had to be recognized in some way soon,” James said of his decision. “Without Michael Jordan, there wouldn’t be a LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade.”

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That transition has been a huge success. The Heat made four straight Finals appearances and back-to-back championships in 2013 and 2014. number 6 shined brightly in sunny Miami, winning them two championships. From No. 6 back to No. 23 So, what was the motivation for switching back to his original number? When LeBron announced he would be returning to Cleveland, he also said he would come back the same way he left. number 23 returned to the team, this time more eager to win a championship.

LeBron kept his promise to his hometown, winning the first NBA championship in Cavs history. It was like a fairy tale when No. 23 left them to embark on a different journey and succeed there. Cavaliers fans hated his move to Miami. They couldn’t accept the move and about 10 years ago there were wild displays of discontent everywhere. But he’s back, and so is No. 23. So far, LeBron has kept his favorite number, and that’s what he loves about basketball. He was happy to reveal that he wears the number in honor of his hero Michael Jordan.

“So when I started playing basketball, I thought, ‘Gosh, that 23 looks good. I want to be able to fly like him.'” James said. He talks like any other avid MJ fan. “I want to be able to dunk on guys like him. I wish I could stick my tongue out in the air like he did and yell in people’s faces like MJ did.'” Still, it’s possible that King will wear No. 6 for the Lakers next season. Anthony Davis, who wore No. 23 throughout his NBA career, had to switch to No. 3 when he arrived in Los Angeles.



King James final G1 jersey shot 100,000 U.S. dollars

The NBA has officially auctioned the jersey worn by superstar LeBron James in the first game of this year’s finals. In the end, this highly collectible LeBron jersey was shot for a sky-high price of $100,322.

From the published data, this NBA jersey was bid a total of 68 times, and the final price exceeded $100,000, which shows the high popularity of LeBron. It’s worth mentioning that the Cavaliers also had a player whose Finals G1 jersey also fetched a high price. JR’s G1 jersey also shot a price of $23,548, although far less than LeBron’s, but for ordinary players this is called the price of heaven.

#23 LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey

Although the same shot out of the sky, but the significance is completely different. LeBron’s G1 jersey shot a high price because he played a historic game in G1. In Finals G1, LeBron played 47 minutes and cut down 51 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. This is LeBron’s 8th career 40+ points, while he is also the first player in 25 years to get 50+ points in the NBA Finals. And JR’s jersey shot a high price because he made a fatal mistake in the last moment of regular time in G1, burying a good opportunity for the Cavaliers to win the game.

Currently, the jerseys worn by the Cavaliers players in G2 of the finals are also in the auction. So far, the most popular is still LeBron’s jersey, the bid has exceeded $40,000.

In contrast, fans are not very interested in the rest of the Cavaliers’ G2 jerseys. The data shows that the second place in the bidding is Kevin Love’s jersey, the current bid is only 1020 U.S. dollars, far inferior to LeBron’s jersey. JR’s G1 jersey shot 20,000 U.S. dollars, but his G2 jersey is currently only given a price of 390 U.S. dollars.

As the first person in the league today, LeBron has always been highly sought after. As early as 2015, LeBron’s jersey worn in G1 and G2 of the finals was auctioned for $85,925.

James is still the biggest jersey sales champion in the NBA

The NBA official just announced the Cleveland All-Star third stage of the vote results, LeBron James to 6827449 total votes, successfully overtake Curry (6019418), recaptured the vote position, and in today’s old James also once again rushed on a statistical “top position”, according to the NBA official announced the first half of the 21-22 season jersey sales, James ranked first, Curry, letter brother, Durant and Doncic were ranked 2, 3, 4, 5.

Top Selling NBA Jerseys

The first to win the ticket king after winning the jersey sales championship, it can be seen that James’s influence is still there, even at the age of 37, but the dominance he showed in the twilight of his career, and did not decline with the growth of age, as of now, he can average 28.8 points 7.6 rebounds 6.4 assists 1.6 steals 1.1 caps of all-round data, which scores a high league The second place, second only to Durant’s 29.3 points, and according to the current Lakers now so not on the record, before the return of the thick eyebrows, James is afraid to continue to open their offensive mode.

Since entering the NBA as a first-round pick in ’03, James’ average data never fell below the threshold of 20+5+5. In his rookie season, he was able to score 20.9 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists, overpowering popular rookies like Wade and Anthony, and winning the best rookie award. After winning two championships there, James returned to Cleveland and led the team to a great comeback in ’16, trailing the Warriors by 1-3 at one point, helping the Cavaliers finally win the first championship trophy in team history with a total score of 4-3. And after moving to the Lakers, James also led the purple and gold in 20 years a round of the team’s 17th title.

#23 LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey

Helping three different teams win championships and being the absolute core of these teams, James is indeed worthy of the reputation of the league’s current first man. Since entering the NBA in 03, James has played with Kobe, Duncan, Nowitzki, Garnett, the old generation of fans adore superstars, and Rose, Durant, Harden, Irving, these mid-generation stars, James also ushered in a head-to-head battle with them, and now with the new generation of Morant, Doncic, Trey Young, but the old James is still not slapped down by these waves on the beach, with practical action to prove his “treasure sword”. The actual action to prove their “treasure knife is not old”.

#6 LeBron James Lakers Jersey

Look at the members of the golden generation of 03, Wade, Bosh, Kaman, Hinrich, TJ Ford and other lottery picks have been hanging high, the second round of like Willie Green, James Jones, Patricia these have become the respective team’s coaching staff and management personnel. The only two still fighting in the league is only the first-round James and scouting Cameron Anthony, but unlike the melon once also and their own offensive kaleidoscope with a yu-liang battle, in these years has gradually become a role player, James can usher in the 19th year of his career, but also to maintain such strong competitiveness, through the entire history of the NBA, such a player, is indeed The most important thing is to have a good understanding of the game.

Lakers 2021-22 City Edition Jersey

In accordance with the current state of James, as long as no injuries, and then fight a 2-3 years no problem at all, if he can maintain the momentum, not only is expected to exceed Jabbar success after the league’s all-time scoring king, but also may reach 40,000 points of epic achievements.

Which stadium will the jersey fly over at after James retires?

For basketball players around the world, there are two honors that are important after they retire, one is to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and the other is to retire the jersey on the team. Many great players may be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but they may not be able to retire their jerseys on a team, for example, Maddie was also successfully inducted into the Hall of Fame, yet he never retired his jersey. This shows that retiring the jersey is likely to be a more difficult thing than being inducted into the Hall of Fame, especially for some players who change teams more frequently, and they will not be retained by management if they fail to achieve enough glory in a fixed team. So for the current league leader James, what stadiums are likely to retire his jersey in after he retires?

#6 LeBron James Heat Jersey

First of all, we need to understand James’ current career situation. He has played in the league for 17 years and has experienced a total of three transfers, but among them, he has only changed three teams. One of them is definitely James’ home team, he spent most of his career in the early part of his career in the knight, however, at that time James failed to bring any honor to the knight, only one eastern championship is not much. Then James went to the Heat, he got the first and second championship trophy in his career in the Heat, and the Heat period James is still recognized as the strongest player, which will add a lot of points for him. Then came the Lakers period, but James in the Lakers have not gotten half the honors.

#23 LeBron James Lakers Jersey

In accordance with this situation of his career, we first come to discuss the possibility of the knight retiring the jersey. In fact, it should be clear in everyone’s mind that the Knight’s retirement of James’ jersey is almost a done deal, and the Knight’s owner has publicly said he will retire James’ jersey. Because he brought the people of Cleveland the first Big Four championship in 50 years in 2016, which is also the first championship in the history of the Cavaliers. This championship is important to both the Cavaliers and James, and James has completed his promise to Cavaliers fans years ago, and it is only a matter of time before the Cavaliers retire James’ jersey.

#6 LeBron James Lakers Icon Edition Jersey

So will the Heat choose to retire James’ jersey? This may still be a little doubtful, but the Heat still have a high probability of retiring James jersey. Before James went to the Heat, they had only one championship trophy in their team history, and then James brought Miami two championships at once, which was enough for the Heat to retire his jersey. Until now the Heat also did not have players wearing James’ No. 6 jersey at the time, only from this point can see the Heat and the players’ respect for James, so the possibility of the Heat retiring his jersey is also great.

#23 LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey

Finally it will come to see if the Lakers will retire James’s jersey, to be honest the Lakers are not very likely to retire James’s jersey, not that James’s strength is not enough, but the Lakers would have had very strict requirements for the retirement of jerseys. As one of the deepest teams in the history of the NBA, the Lakers have only retired 11 NBA jerseys in their decades of history, of which Kobe also accounted for two. What’s more, James currently does not bring any honor to the Lakers, if he can get a championship in the Lakers, then by virtue of his historical status and influence, then the possibility of him retiring his jersey in the Lakers is relatively large.

Celebrity: James campers have said LeBron will never wear a Clippers jersey

NBA reporter Dave McMenamin was a guest interviewer on a show and talked about whether Lakers forward LeBron James should have joined the Clippers last summer.

#6 LeBron James Lakers Jersey

As we all know, James is eager to come to Los Angeles, so did he choose a wrong Los Angeles team? In response, McMenamin said, “One guy he’s close with is Chris Paul, and he knows what it’s like to play for the Clippers in Los Angeles from Chris Paul’s experience. When you go to kick off a game for the Los Angeles Dodgers, you’re going to get booed because Dodger fans are Laker fans and they control the atmosphere.”

“A year or two ago, a person from LeBron’s camp told me, ‘LeBron will never wear a Clippers jersey.’ That doesn’t fit the brand and the prospect of excellence that he’s looking for.” McMenamin added.

Dave McMenamin, currently a Lakers follow reporter, is one of the few industry reporters most trusted by James; he covered James as a Cavaliers follow reporter from 2014 to 2018.

#23 LeBron James Lakers Icon Edition Jersey

When it comes to the Clippers’ offensive and defensive system, the first reaction of many fans is that the Clippers do not have an offensive system, which is actually right and wrong. If we are talking about the offensive system in a narrow sense, such as the triangle offense and Princeton play, then it is true that the Clippers do not have a smooth and distinctive system. If we are talking about a system that allows a team to score consistently, then the Clippers system does exist, but it’s just a little simpler and less flashy. The biggest contributor to this system is naturally the Clippers’ current head coach Tyronn Lue.

Clippers Jersey

Simply put, it’s whoever comes up first singles try, can succeed then play, can not be replaced. At first glance, such tactics seem a little too rough, but the Clippers are playing quite bright, under normal circumstances, the Clippers can set out Reggie, Powell, George, Leonard and Morris such a group of five, this set of five small lineup both obvious absolute strong points, but also in the local formation of relative singles strong points, all can hold the ball face frame offense, all can shoot from the outside, but also each have an extremely difficult to defend the The team can also form a relative single strong point in the area. Other teams are playing tactics, can not play before a player to attack, while the Clippers are different, their system is the starting point of the attack.

Lakers’ LeBron James explains why he changed his jersey to No. 6

During the offseason, LeBron James decided to exchange jersey numbers with the Los Angeles Lakers.

James switched his jersey to No. 6 after wearing No. 23 for his first three seasons with the team.

LeBron James stats comparison: No. 23 vs. No. 6

#6 &#23 LeBron James NBA jersey

James infamously wore No. 6 during his four seasons with the Miami Heat. He won two titles for the organization in back-to-back years.

Now back at No. 6 for the first time as a Laker, James explains why he made the change.

#6 LeBron James Lakers jersey

“Honestly, it’s always been a part of me,” James said. “Six means a lot to me, from my family and numbers and things of that nature to my faith and that kind of stuff, but my mindset hasn’t changed.”

James explained how he still maintains the same mindset.

“Go out there and be a well-rounded basketball player and try to dominate in all aspects of the game and be a great teammate,” James said. “And be a great leader.”

The jerseys are available for purchase online and will debut when the Lakers host the Brooklyn Nets in their preseason opener on Oct. 3.