Kobe Bryant changed his Lakers jersey from #8 to #24

This is the NBA in the 21st century the most famous player change number event, but Kobe in fact why give up No. 8 to choose No. 24? So far there is no standard answer published, and public opinion on this is a variety of opinions. The more credible argument is that Kobe in high school once carried two numbers 24 and 33, Lakers 33 has long been retired for Jabbar, so Kobe wanted to choose 24 at the beginning of the league in 1996.

#24 Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

But when Kobe was picked by the Lakers, the Lakers’ No. 24 jersey was occupied by a guy named Fred Roberts, and although he left immediately in the summer of 1996, another guy named George McLeod wore No. 24, although now it seems that both players are unknown compared to Kobe, but after all, Kobe in 1996 was just an 18-year-old high school graduate.

 #8 Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey

Other Kobe for the number of claims include: wearing No. 8 won three championships, are obtained as O’Neal’s deputy, 8 × 3 = 24, wearing No. 24 and then win the championship, a value can offset the three; 24 seconds is the NBA time limit of an offense, Kobe wears No. 24 jersey symbol of their own often shot in the whistle ball; and No. 24 NBA jersey than Jordan’s No. 23 jersey just big 1 …… above all kinds of claims, only for after-dinner talk, can not be taken seriously.

#24 & #8 Kobe Bryant Lakers Jersey