What is the strength of Butler, who is known for his hardness?

In the NBA, there is a player can be called the most confusing player in the league, this person is the Heat’s Jimmy Butler, everyone knows that he plays hard, known as a tough guy, every year he can be selected as an All-Star, the big contract is also signed, but does not give a feeling of superstar, many fans just do not know where Butler is strong in the end, he is why so many of the Why did he get so many titles? And why did he become the top pillar of a team? In fact, Butler’s name of tough guy is true to his name, not mixed with a little water.

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The NBA is a competitive sports league, but in the end it’s just business. Players in a team do not have a relationship between brothers, but a relationship between colleagues, so there is often very little tearing up between players, and there will not be the kind of so-called I see you play hard to go up to teach you two sentences of people, everyone lives for everyone, not for others. But Butler is not that kind of player, he will instead pass on his motivation to other players.

One of the most representative things Butler did in his career is undoubtedly the conflict between him and the Timberwolves twin stars Towns and Venice, remember he once said that, even if not the person in question, onlookers see it deeply. “Am I too hard on him? Yes, that’s the way I am. I’m not the most talented guy on the team, who’s the most talented player? It’s Towns. Who is the most favored by God, it’s Wiggins. Who is the guy who plays the hardest? It’s me! I play hard and put my body on the court every day, either in practice or in games! That’s my passion! That’s how I make you aware of me!”

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Butler’s words even if we are not professional players, look also very inspiring, such a spirit is difficult not to succeed, to know Butler is only a draft late round players, he can in the NBA based on not their own talent, is entirely on their own hustle. The first time he played under Thibodeau, it is well known that Thibodeau has always been known for his ruthlessness to the players, the players who boiled out under him often have a place in the league, Butler is precisely from his hands boiled out of that group of people, while some players can not afford Thibodeau, and eventually joint teammates to Thibodeau was forced to resign, which is the Timberwolves then double star.

For Butler, he has only one credo in the league, that is to win, in order to win, he can give everything, sometimes because of this reason, he has many conflicts with his teammates, however, people who really have the same goal as him, often in the conflict immediately after the mood can be calmed down, such as the Heat team he plays for now. Previously Butler had bumped into the team’s head coach Spoelstra and veteran Haslem almost fist-fighting, but it was clear to all that they were doing it all just to win, so the ice was soon cleared and the Heat made the playoffs as the first in the East.

To be honest, a player’s label can’t be blown out, but by his ability to actually play out, there is no doubt that Butler is seen by others as a superstar level player is he step out of the step. The Timberwolves were not in the playoffs for many years, but Butler immediately transformed into a playoff team, and the Philadelphia 76ers had the best playoff record in the last decade, and after he left, the team immediately went to the rounds. .

And this season’s playoffs, Butler is like the gods of the sky, there are media statistics, to the playoffs Butler’s data is almost an all-round improvement. The media has statistics, by the playoffs Butler’s stats are almost all-round improvement. 21.4 points in the regular season and 30.5 in the playoffs; 5.9 rebounds in the regular season and 7.8 in the playoffs; 5.5 assists in the regular season and 5.3 in the playoffs; 1.6 steals in the regular season and 2.8 in the playoffs; 2.1 turnovers in the regular season and 1.3 in the playoffs; 48% shooting in the regular season and 54.3% in the playoffs; 23.3% three-point shooting in the regular season and 44.8% in the playoffs; average 3-point field goals made 0.5 in the regular season versus 1.8 in the playoffs.

The more you get to the playoffs the stronger it has become another label for Butler, he is a deserving playoff player, in the regular season you may find that Bart’s performance is not much of a flashpoint, however, to the playoffs, he is just like the Heat among the most reliable player, whether it is offense or defense, he is the first to die, you will see his shadow of defending Trae Young, but also be able to see him holding the ball impacting the inside of the athletic body, for this team, Butler is absolutely can not be abandoned, without Butler, the Heat absolutely can not get the first position in the East.

After going around the league, Butler has found the perfect team for him, and it is undoubtedly the Miami Heat, which has everything Butler wants. The devilish training, the determination to chase a championship, this team has it all. He said he couldn’t wait and wanted to lead the team to the championship. Although they were swept in the playoffs last season, it didn’t affect the power of the Heat, and this season they are back with plenty of time to rest. The number one seed in the East, Butler is also expected to fulfill his promise.

In the NBA, talent is not a rare thing at all, but a very common quality, however, some players are holding their own talent, but do not know how to be good, Butler happens to play a good role of example to these players, you do not take the talent as their capital, hard work to be able to succeed, Butler is not hard enough?


The story behind the jersey number – Jimmy Butler

“Tough offense and tough style of play.” That’s Jimmy Butler’s calling card.

Honored as the Most Improved Player in 2014-15, a third-team selection on the NBA’s Best XI in 2016-17, a five-time All-Star, a four-time second-team selection on the NBA’s Best Defensive XI, and a gold medal in men’s basketball at the 2016 Rio Olympics, this is what Butler, who was abandoned by his biological mother in fourth grade because he was ugly, has delivered in his nine-year career.

Jimmy Butler, who graduated from Marquette University, entered the NBA in 2011 with the 30th pick in the first round of the draft and has played for the Bulls, Timberwolves, 76ers and Heat, during which he wore jersey number 21, 22 and 23 respectively, while in college he wore jersey number 33. Let’s take a look.

University Period

Jimmy Butler

In 2007, Jimmy Butler entered Taylor Junior College and was named to the All-ACC team after the season. He transferred to Marquette University for his sophomore season and wore No. 33 all the time because Butler boarded with his best buddy Jordan Leslie in high school, who used to wear No. 33, and he and his family gave Butler a lot of care at the time, and Leslie’s mom’s favorite player, Larry Bird, was No. 33, so Butler wore No. 33 all four years in college.

The Bulls period

#21 Jimmy Butler Bulls Jersey

Butler was 21 when he entered the 2011 NBA Draft. In college, Butler wore No. 33, but he had a teammate from Taylor Junior College, Joe Foles, who wore No. 21. Without his help, Butler would not have gotten into Marquette, so after being drafted, Butler decided to thank his brother Foles and chose No. 21.

Timberwolves and 76ers Period

#23 Jimmy Butler Timberwolves Jersey

Playing for the Timberwolves and 76ers, Butler has been wearing No. 23 jersey, he said because of his signing brand-Jordan, he is not trying to compare himself with Michael Jordan, Butler felt that Jordan also left the Bulls to join the Wizards back then, and he also left Chicago, so he chose No. 23.

Heat Period

Heat Jersey

Butler, who came to the Heat, chose jersey number 22 because of Ty Gibson, who had been wearing jersey number 22 during the Bulls’ time. Butler said the toughest player he met in his career was Gibson, who taught him how to be a professional player. 2011 to 2017, Gibson and Butler spent six glorious years together in the Bulls.

This is Jimmy Butler, and the jersey numbers he chose are all a tribute to those who have influenced him and helped him, quite literally, admirably!