The banned No. 69 NBA jersey


The jersey number, in the eyes of most players is sacrosanct, generally speaking, most NBA stars will not easily change their numbers, after all, if you can not do the end of a city, then only wear a jersey for life, so that the number becomes their own synonym is also a good choice. However, for some players, they don’t care about the situation and changing their number is a common thing for them, just like the big bug Rodman. He changed 5 numbers in 14 years, and because of the jersey number Rodman also fought with the league, Rodman wanted to choose the 69 jersey that year, but was banned, this is why?

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The jersey number is reminiscent of the NBA’s choice of jersey number are taken a laissez-faire mode, only will only give some specific numbers to limit, such as 69 jersey, which is due to a certain body position related, once banned by the league, the NBA also rarely players to choose, but Rodman does not think so, his character is very odd, in some things at all will not avoid, such as the application to wear 69 jersey when joining the Mavericks. For example, when joining the Mavericks applied to wear jersey number 69. But the league is rational after all, NBA players are also considered public figures, not to mention pricks like Rodman, wearing the 69 jersey on the court and jumping, what can be a good image.

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The extremely personalized Rodman, after being rejected by the league when applying to wear jersey number 69, Rodman added a 1 directly to number 69 and wore number 70 instead in protest. Rodman is one of the most personalized players in the history of the NBA, and his line is very strange, easy to break the routine, and the lace news is much more than the court performance.

After Rodman, another NBA prick Artest also applied for the #69 NBA jersey, but still rejected by the league, Artest had no choice but to choose the #96 jersey. We can find that the NBA officially does not specify that players can not wear #69 NBA jersey, just an unwritten rule that everyone is abiding by, it is because of this that Rodman and Artest will apply to the league.

Rodman is no longer magical after leaving the Bulls. Without a top superstar like Jordan to bind him, Rodman has a scattered and unruly personality, which makes him play less and less minutes. Coupled with the declining level of personal athleticism as he got older, Rodman gradually fell off the radar.

If you were to rank the most individual players in the history of the league, Rodman would be in the top few! As you can notice, Rodman’s hair style is always varied, his demeanor is unique, and his off-court journalism draws more attention than his on-court presence. the NBA has a series of standards to maintain the image of the league as well as its players, such as dress codes, which are an important aspect of image building and are the reason the league is doing well. In fact players are required to follow the league’s rules when commenting and making statements on social media – after all, what they say and do affects the league’s image.

These NBA rules seem impersonal, in fact, some rules are to maintain the positive image of the league, some rules are to protect the players, each NBA president does not want the NBA to return to that era full of negative news, because it will make their income drop sharply, or even cause a lockout, so the general players will comply with these unwritten rules, only Rodman, Atai such The league will not let players like them play freely, the league can tolerate their loud personalities, tolerate their mavericks, but can not tolerate the behavior of those who challenge the bottom line.