Repair Services

Malicious programs can infect your computer and cause it to run slowly or become unresponsive. Our virus scan service will remove unwanted programs and restore speed and functionality.
  • Free Local Pick-up & Drop-off

    We’ll arrange to pick your computer up and return it to you once service has been completed.

  • Convenient Hours

    We offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your work schedule.

  • Email Discounts

    We periodically offer coupons and special rates to our email subscribers.

Cut the Cord

  • CutTheCord
  • Tired of spending too much money for cable or satellite TV? Do you ever wonder why you pay for hundreds of channels but really only watch a few of them? We can show you how to cut the cord and watch the shows you love for under $20 per month. What will you do with the extra money you will save each month?


We can provide you with all of your hardware and software needs. We can provide you with great deals on tablets, laptops, routers, modems, and PC parts, as well as any software you may need.


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