Southern Breeze Consulting is a combination of several things that I enjoy: HTML, computer repair, and helping others. Growing up as a child of the 80s, I remember playing with my grandpa’s Apple IIe and watching technology change as I grew up. I have always enjoyed figuring out how things work, and computers and coding are no exception. For several years I operated Triad Computer Services in Graham, offering computer repairs and upgrades. Since then, I’ve expanded my skills and knowledge to include HTML and email marketing.

My wife and I have lived in Graham, NC since 2007, and we love the small-town charm without being too far away from larger cities like Greensboro, Durham, or Chapel Hill. I love the variety of small businesses in this area, and the spirit of those entrepreneurs. I want to see those businesses succeed and I want to see Graham thrive.

When I’m not working, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my wife, going on walks with our dogs, or playing with R/C vehicles. I’ll always be a kid at heart!

Thanks for checking out the site.

Rick Miller

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